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March 22th 2024

6 tips to take care of your hair graft in summer

Are you going to perform or have you already had a hair implant in summer? Carrying out a correct postoperative period is crucial to obtain the best results.. During the summer season we must pay special attention to some issues in order to avoid possible complications during recovery. Therefore, below we give you 6 tips to take care of your hair transplant in summer so that your recovery process is as bearable as possible. Take note!

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Tips to take care of your hair implant in summer

Currently, hair transplantation is the only effective method to regain hair in those areas where, for some reason, type of alopecia, stopped growing. It is for this reason that there has been an increase in the demand for this type of intervention. Besides, the FUE technique allows for natural results leave no visible scars. This, together with the ability of a good medical team, means that those patients who undergo a hair transplant in Hospital Capilar It does not appear, precisely, that said intervention has been carried out.

If you are one of those who wants to take advantage of the holidays to recover the hair lost due to a alopeciaThese 6 tips to take care of your hair graft in summer interest you.

avoid the sun

One of the most important factors that we must take into account both in summer and in any season of the year is the sun. It should not be forgotten that, after the hair transplant, the scalp has scars. If these scars are exposed to the sun, they can become hyperpigmented, even burning the skin, directly affecting the aesthetic results.

In summer we can take advantage of the holidays to protect ourselves from the sun and rest, since it is important to remember that the sick leave for a hair graft. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people are encouraged to take the plunge at this time of year.

Moisturize the scalp

During the first days we will experience certain discomforts such as itching, stinging or redness of the scalp. It is important in this sense to keep it hydrated to promote tissue recovery. For this, use a thermal spray, which is sprayed on the head relieving itching and moisturizing both the grafts and the area where the follicular units have been extracted.

In the 24 hour cure which is done in Hospital Capilar, the medical team will indicate and resolve all your doubts about how to use thermal spray and until when it is necessary to use it. 

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keep the area clean

Hygiene is also fundamental, in summer and at any time of the year. The recipient and donor area must be kept clean to avoid the development of infections that could harm the patient. For this it is important to know how to wash hair after hair transplant, since during the first days we will not be able to do it as usual.

Do not swim in the beach or pool

One of the small sacrifices that we must make if we have a hair transplant in summer is the do not bathe in beaches or pools. Chlorine, salt, and sea and pool water are not beneficial for the scalp during the first weeks after the hair transplant. Therefore, during the first month you should avoid going to beaches and swimming pools. Once this time has elapsed, and if the medical team determines so, we will be able to bathe without problems.

Do not abuse caps or hats  

On many occasions, to protect ourselves from the sun, we can think of wearing caps and hats, but it is not the best solution. In fact, we must avoid wearing caps for at least the first ten days and, if used after this time, it must be loose and without rubbing against the grafts.

Take the opportunity to relax, your hair graft will thank you

Summer is the ideal time to relax, take time for yourself and enjoy the tranquility. All of this is perfectly compatible with the capillary graft, as long as the postoperative indications are respected. Having this clear, summer can be a very good option to take the step and put an end to alopecia.

Is summer a good time to have a hair transplant?

As we mentioned before, the summer is medically viable to perform a capillary graft. Of course, it is essential to comply with each and every one of the postoperative rules since, otherwise, we could put the health of the grafts at serious risk.

The results of the hair implant in summer will not be better or worse than those that can be obtained in winter. The intervention is the same and the postoperative care is the same. Success, in this case, depends on the patient's commitment to take care of their hair implant in the best way.

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