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November 12th 2021

Are essential oils effective for hair?

There are many products that promise to keep hair in the best condition. Currently the use of essential oils is on the rise, as they promise multiple benefits for both hair and skin health. But, Do essential oils really work for hair? We give you all the information!

What are essential oils for hair?

We understand essential oils as those products whose composition is mainly of plant origin. They give off an intense aroma and are usually very light.

We can find essential oils like so many plants, flowers and fruits: lemon, tea tree, bergamot essential oil ... Depending on the type of vegetable, the oil will have some benefits or others. For example, the essential oils indicated to treat hair loss are tea tree, rosemary or lavender, among others. But are these types of products effective?

Do essential oils really work for hair?

Using these hair oils is beneficial, since using them properly can promote our hair health. However, it is essential to know which of them is suitable to apply to our scalp and how often to use it.

Our doctors they warn that Poor application of essential oils for hair can cause dryness or irritation of the scalp.. For this reason, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor who specializes in the hair sector to recommend what is the best we can use in each case.

Are essential oils effective in treating hair loss?

Another question that usually arises when it comes to using essential oils for hair is whether they are capable of slowing down hair loss. The answer is no, but with nuances.

This type of products in no case should they be used as the sole and isolated treatment of alopecia. Essential oils are not the cure for a hair condition such as alopecia. However, it is true that some of them, such as the tea tree or lavender help the proper functioning of the scalp by stimulating it. Therefore, essential oils can help as stimulate vascularization but only as a complement to a treatment with proven medical efficacy. 

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Effective treatments for hair loss

Faced with an intense hair loss, you should go to a medical professional who can recommend which treatment to use in each case. On Hospital Capilar we are experts in medicine and hair surgery and we offer our patients the hair treatments more effective.

Here's what each one consists of!

Hair Redensification Treatment or HRT

El Hair Redensification Treatment, or HRT, helps to stop hair loss and prevents hair miniaturization. It consists of the direct application on the scalp of drugs adapted to each patient through practically painless microinjections. It must be a doctor who evaluates its application.

Capillary Regeneration Treatment or CRT

Thanks to Capillary Regeneration Treatment it is possible to keep the hair in the best conditions. Promotes hair regeneration and strengthens hair thanks to the application of rich growth factors to the scalp.

The CRT consists of a small extraction of blood from the patient that is subsequently subjected to a centrifugation process to separate the components rich in growth from the rest of the blood components. Once extracted, these are injected directly into the scalp using microinjections.

Capillary graft

The treatments that we have discussed are defined as maintenance treatments. They are able to stop hair loss, but in no case do they make hair grow back in those areas where it stopped doing it naturally. The only way to regain hair in the areas affected by alopecia is with hair grafting.

The capillary graft consists of a minimally invasive outpatient intervention in which the follicular units are extracted from the area that is not affected by alopecia to implant them in the recipient area. The definitive results are given one year after the intervention, eighteen months in cases of the crown, although it is true that after six months we can begin to see the change.

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Take care of your hair with the best medical equipment

En Hospital Capilar We have an experienced medical team in the hair sector. In addition, we have the most effective hair treatments in the sector such as HRT or CRT. Take advantage and request your diagnosis at no cost and put yourself in the best hands!



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