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How does seawater affect hair?

In summer the desire to go to the beach and swim appears, and it is normal that we do not stop to think how seawater affects hair. The truth is that there are discrepancies regarding seawater in hair, so today we want to shed light on this issue so that you can fully take care of your hair health.

In this article we will tell you the benefits and disadvantages of seawater. In this way you can take all the necessary measures to take care of your hair in summer and make it happen these dates in the best possible way.

How does seawater affect hair?

The truth is that in general the sea water in the hair is beneficial for the hair. The marine properties, iodine and salt help balance many levels of the scalp itself.

For that reason it is normal that we hear that sea ​​water helps the greasiest hairs, especially because it regulates fat levels. 

Even so, excess seawater can also affect our hair and cause it to dry out, making it not look as it was. For that reason, it is convenient to know everything we can do so that it benefits us and does not harm us.

Caring for your hair in summer

Disadvantages of seawater on hair

Before talking about its benefits, which are many, we also want to tell you how seawater affects hair in a negative way. For that reason, we tell you two details that are important to take into account:

Interferes with colored hair

By affecting the sebum levels of the hair, it especially interferes with the porosity of the hair. This makes bleached and dyed hair, already porous, have more porosity and this may end up affecting its color.

May dry out hair

Also, related to the previous point, seawater can dry out hair. For this reason, this detail must be taken into account in the driest hair, which needs extra protection before bathing in the sea.

Sea water in hair

Benefits of seawater on hair

These disadvantages aside, the truth is that sea ​​water on your hair is very beneficial. The salt and iodine it contains helps the hair look better if we bathe in the sea and then properly lighten the hair.

For that reason, we show you the benefits of seawater on hair:

Sea water helps oily hairs

By regulating sebum levels, it is perfect for oilier hair. Sea water and its salt will help us maintain and regulate sebum, or by controlling the disadvantages of oily hair.

Softens and adds volume

The iodine present in seawater also helps hair, especially greasy hair. This element will provide softness and volume, so it is convenient to bathe in the sea every so often if we want to take advantage of the benefits of sea water on our hair.

Benefits of sea water

Tips to protect hair from sea water

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of seawater and avoid the disadvantages and dryness that they can produce, here are a series of tips that will help you take care of your hair in all aspects. Do not miss it!

Use the right products

Before and after bathing in the sea, we must use the products that can help our hair the most, taking into account the type of scalp we have. A specialist can help us find the type of products that best suits us.

Protect yourself from sun exposure

The sun in many quantities is not beneficial for the hair. Yes it is good that the sun gives us, but we can not spend too much. For that reason, we must protect ourselves from overexposure to the sun to avoid complications to the hair and scalp.

Sea water in hair

Take care of the ends of your hair

The ends are the area of ​​the hair that suffers the most. For that reason, it is the part that we must take care of the most, as well as cut from time to time so that it grows strong and healthy.

Take into account the time exposed to sea water

As with the sun, sea water in the hair is beneficial as long as we do not over-expose ourselves to it. Also, remember that you should wash your hair very well after the sea or the pool so that there are no traces of salt and iodine.

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