Foods for hair loss

January 24, 2022

Foods for hair loss: What to eat to stop hair loss?

When we realize that our hair is falling out more than usual, we usually look for remedies to help us combat it. Food is key in these cases. There are certain food for hair loss that contain a series of trace elements, vitamins and amino acids that must be present in our diet to stop it: What are they? We give you all the keys in the blog de Hospital Capilar!

Does diet influence hair health?

Our doctors They say that noticing unusual hair loss or loss of quality can be a symptom of a lack of nutrients. We are what we eat, and with hair it is no different.

Feeding and hair loss Yes, they are related if we do not eat a balanced diet. This is because the Hair follicles They require certain nutrients for their proper functioning such as antioxidants, vitamin C, biotin o zinc, among others. For this reason, it is very important to take care of what we eat to keep our hair in the best condition.

What foods to eat to stop hair loss?

In cases of seasonal fall or before a telogen effluvium, consuming certain foods for hair loss can greatly benefit us thanks to the contribution of fundamental nutrients. Here we tell you what you should eat to take care of your hair health and, thus, stop hair loss.


An adequate intake of iron and sulfur amino acids It is essential to ensure optimal hair health. In these cases, the egg, specifically the yolk, is our greatest ally.

An anemia due to iron deficiency can cause telogen effluvium, therefore consuming foods rich in this nutrient is essential. On the other hand, the sulphur-containing amino acids contained in the egg promote the formation of keratin and help prevent brittle hair.

The egg yolk also contains biotin which keeps the hair in the best condition. However, raw egg white has a protein that prevents the absorption of biotin, so it is essential that it be consumed cooked.


Almonds are rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that slows down the hair aging.


Walnuts are also a good option to avoid a vitamin E deficiency. They are very beneficial for treating oxidative stress, as it is involved in accelerating hair loss in addition to its anti-aging effect.


As we have already mentioned, incorporating iron into our diet is essential so that the hair does not fall out excessively and strengthen it. Spinach is a good option to avoid anemia. 

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Fish is another of the key foods for hair loss. This is because fish such as salmon are another natural source of iron and minerals, which guarantees the proper functioning of the scalp.


Just as we must make a contribution of vitamin A, we must not forget the intake of foods that contain high levels of Vitamin C. In this sense, kiwis are a great food since they contain both nutrients.


Oatmeal, or any other whole grain, is a source of silicon. It is an essential trace element fundamental in the assimilation of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and in the synthesis of vitamin D.

What to do if excessive hair loss continues?

Although there are certain nutrients contained in foods that can help stop hair loss, if this loss is due to another pathology it may not be enough. We may be facing some type of alopecia and, in these cases, it is necessary that it be a expert medical team who assesses and makes an accurate and individualized diagnosis.

When it comes to irreversible hair loss, hair grafting is the only method by which we can recover lost hair. The definitive results of this outpatient intervention are given after a year, although after six months the change can already be appreciated.

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