Alopecia in a 20-year-old man

Alopecia at 20 years old: what can I do?

When we talk about baldness we tend to imagine a middle-aged man with obvious lack of hair. However, these hair problems are also common in young people. In these cases, What should I do if I suffer from alopecia at the age of 20?

In the blog de Hospital Capilar, hair clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra specialized in hair medicine, we tell you everything you need to know about premature alopecia and what to do in these cases.

Is it possible to suffer from alopecia at the age of 20?

Alopecia is a pathology suffered by many men and women caused by various factors. Age is one of the determining factors that can worsen hair quality, but in cases of androgenic alopecia can occur regardless of how old the person is.

Ultimately, yes it is possible to suffer alopecia with 20 years and usually occurs more frequently in men. Our doctors establish that premature alopecia usually begins with the appearance of receding hairlines that, if left untreated, can spread throughout the hair.

Causes that cause alopecia at an early age 

The factors that can be the origin of baldness at the age of 20 vary depending on the type of alopecia in question. In this sense, a good medical diagnosis is very important with which to determine what is causing irreversible hair loss in order, among other things, to find the best solution.

Genetic factor

Genetic inheritance is one of the causes that can trigger alopecia at the age of 20. The truth is that just as we inherit physical traits from our background, it can also happen with baldness.

Hormonal factor

A hormonal alteration is one of the most common factors that trigger alopecia. Specifically, this type of affectation is known as androgenic alopecia and is the most common of all.

Androgenic alopecia is measured with the Hamilton-Norwood scale, in the case of men, and the Ludwig scale in women. This occurs due to the susceptibility of the follicles to the hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, which attacks the hair follicle causing its miniaturization and subsequent destruction.


There is a very close relationship between stress and hair loss, so another of the possibilities that can occur if we lose our hair at the age of 20 is, precisely, due to suffering high levels of stress.

However, in these cases the capillary loss is reversible, so the hair will grow back. So if you notice a considerable lack of density that gives way to areas without hair, it is very unlikely that stress is the cause of this. In these cases it is important to go to an experienced hair clinic. 

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What to do if you suffer from alopecia so young?

As we have mentioned before, androgenic alopecia, the most common, can occur at any age. Yes, it is true that it is usually more common in older profiles, but there are also many other cases of women and men with alopecia in their 20s.

In the case of noticing worrying hair loss, as well as the appearance of hairless areas, what we should do is go to a hair clinic with the help of an expert medical team. In this way we can obtain a medical diagnosis with which to assess which is the best option to stop alopecia.

Effective hair treatments

Currently there are hair treatments with which it is possible to stop hair loss with all medical guarantees. On Hospital Capilar, a clinic specialized in medicine and hair surgeries, we have the most effective hair treatments in the sector with which to recover hair density and keep it in the best conditions.

Hair Redensification Treatment

El Hair Redensification Treatment, or HRT, is one of the key treatments to slow the progression of androgenetic alopecia. Through microinjections into the scalp, a cocktail of vitamins and drugs adapted to each patient is infiltrated. This way you act directly at the root of the problem. considerably reducing the effects of alopecia.

Capillary Regeneration Treatment

El Capillary Regeneration Treatment, or CRT, is a hair regeneration treatment that redensifies the hair and keeps it in the best condition. It consists of extracting a small amount of blood, which is centrifuged, obtaining the rich growth factors. These are applied directly to the scalp through virtually painless microinjections.

Hair transplant in Spain, the definitive solution to baldness

The hair treatments Hospital Capilar They are good allies to stop hair loss. However, the hair that fell out due to alopecia will not grow back. The only way to recover lost hair is through FUE hair grafting..

The capillary implant is a minimally invasive surgery, considered outpatient, which consists of extracting the necessary follicular units from the donor area, the one that is not affected by alopecia, to subsequently implant them in the area affected by baldness. The definitive results of the hair transplant are given a year after the intervention, although the first changes can already be seen after six months.

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Put an end to alopecia in Hospital Capilar

At present, hair problems such as alopecia have a solution, it is enough to put yourself in the best hands. On Hospital Capilar We have a highly qualified medical team with which you will obtain a totally personalized diagnosis. 



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