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What you should know about fibrosing frontal alopecia

Fibrosing frontal alopecia is a type of alopecia of which the exact cause that causes it is not known but, after many studies, it is believed that this appears by a cluster of factors that manage to destroy follicular units causing us to lose them through an inflammatory process.

What causes this type of alopecia?

We observe how in most cases this disease appears in women who are going through menopause or have already gone through it, so clearly has a strong hormonal factor that causes it.

In addition, this alopecia happens many times in women of the same family; mothers and daughters with the same condition can be observed, so there is also a genetic factor that generates its appearance. 

The immune system could also play a role in this alopecia, since there have been cases in people who have suffered diseases that affect the immune system.

What are the symptoms of fibrosing frontal alopecia?

Symptoms that may appear

Now that we know what its possible causes are, we tell you what are the signs that this type of alopecia gives us when it appears.

Receding the frontal hairline

The most characteristic symptom of this type of alopecia is the receding of the front hairline, which begins to retract, leaving the hairline further and further behind. We can see this with the naked eye since our forehead will become more and more pronounced, both in the front and in the temple area.

Progressive loss of the eyebrows due to fibrosing frontal alopecia

Progressive loss of the eyebrows

In many cases, the first symptom of this type of alopecia, which can appear even years before hair loss, is the progressive loss of eyebrow hair.

Before this symptom, it is advisable to consult him to receive a diagnosis and to be able to start treating this alopecia in order to be able to stop it as much as possible. 

Redness of the cheeks

An association of patients with fibrosing frontal alopecia with rosacea has been seen, a pathology that among other symptoms produces facial redness in areas such as cheeks, forehead and nose.

Receive the correct diagnosis

In order to treat any type of alopecia, it is necessary to seek the opinion of a hair expert. 

The sooner we can diagnose alopecia, the sooner we can give a correct treatment to slow its progression and the greater success will be obtained.

In the case of fibrosing frontal alopecia early treatment is essential to avoid destruction of the follicle and that we do not lose our hair.

Treatments for fibrosing frontal alopecia


Treatments for this type of alopecia

To treat fibrosing frontal alopecia, it is necessary to treat and control the causes that cause it. We must pay attention to both the hormonal part and the inflammatory part.

Being an alopecia that generates scars, it is not easy to find a case in which we can perform a hair graft, however you need to put yourself in the hands of an expert to determine if there is any possibility or if we should look for other alternatives.

As soon as the diagnosis determines that we suffer from this type of alopecia, we can start with various treatments, which is the best for your case will be determined by your doctor.


We find pharmacological treatments that we can classify as local or systemic.

Local treatments

Combination of topical and injectable treatments that will be chosen depending on the degree of fibrosing frontal alopecia.

Systemic treatments

Among the systemic treatments we find 5 alpha reductase inhibitors among others, although these continue to be first-line.

Minoxidil can be one more complement to this treatment.

En Hospital Capilar we can help you

En Hospital Capilar we can help you

If you notice that your hair gradually stops being what it was and you are worried about suffering some type of alopecia, do not hesitate to visit us as soon as possible so that we can make your free diagnosis.

In this way, our experts will be able to assess the best way to treat your case in order to start as soon as possible and thus make it progress as slowly as possible and even stop hair loss. 

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