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6th October 2023

Anabolic steroids and baldness: Are they related?

Resorting to anabolic steroids to achieve an increase in muscle mass or improve sports performance is a practice that many people resort to. However, its consumption entails a series of harmful side effects for health. Does it also influence hair health? Is there a relationship between anabolics and baldness?

In the blog de Hospital Capilar, hair clinic in Spain experts in hair grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you everything you need to know about anabolic steroids and baldness.

What are anabolics?

To understand the possible relationship between anabolic steroids and baldness, it is necessary to know what anabolic steroids really are.

When we talk about anabolics we are actually referring to anabolic steroids, also known as anabolic steroids. Conclusion artificial versions of testosterone, male sex hormone, which is naturally present in the body of men and women, although in much smaller quantities.

The consumption of these anabolic steroids is aimed at treating certain hormonal problems. However, in most cases, especially among men, they are used as a way to increase muscle mass, obtain more energy and have greater resistance in physical exercises. This is not considered good practice, as they are usually accessed without the supervision or prescription of a medical professional and in quantities much higher than those established as safe. In these cases, Do anabolics and baldness go hand in hand?

Do anabolic steroids cause alopecia?

Although it will depend on the type of anabolic used, as well as the dose, in general the improper use of anabolic steroids negatively affects health with important effects such as heart conditions, kidney damage, liver disease or circulatory problems, among others. When it comes to hair health, it's also detrimental, so yes there is a relationship between anabolics and baldness especially in men, although it can also occur in women.

Specifically, when we talk about the relationship between anabolic steroids and baldness, we are referring to the pattern of hair loss generated by a androgenic alopecia. In this type of alopecia it is the Dihydrotestosterone responsible for the destruction of hair follicles. Our doctors indicate that the repeated consumption of anabolic steroids can be metabolized into Dihydrotestosterone, leading to irreversible hair loss in those most susceptible people. That is, this artificial simulation of testosterone could accelerate the development of androgenic alopecia.

Can hair loss be treated by anabolics?

The best way to stop hair loss caused by anabolic steroids is, precisely, stop consuming them. As we have previously mentioned, the hair loss associated with the consumption of this type of substance is irreversible, as it is androgenic alopecia in patients susceptible to it. In this sense, there are not enough scientific studies to support the use of the usual drugs for hair loss as a treatment for this type of hair loss, since anabolic agents could interact with them.

What to do when anabolics and baldness go hand in hand?

Go to an expert hair clinic

The main thing is to go to a hair clinic where you can receive a medical diagnosis by professionals in the field. Thus, the medical team will determine how to proceed in each individual case. En Hospital Capilar this medical diagnosis is completely free and without any commitment.

Hair transplant, the definitive method to recover hair  

When hair loss has already given way to areas without hair, the only method to regain hair is the FUE hair transplant. It is an outpatient procedure, minimally invasive, through which the necessary follicles are extracted from the area that is not affected by baldness, or donor zone, and are implanted in the area to be covered.

The results of the capillary graft are given definitively once the first year of surgery has elapsed. However, at 6 months you can already see the first changes.

Extraction phase in a capillary graft

Put an end to baldness Hospital Capilar

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