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5th October 2023

Baby Hairs: What are they, why do they appear and how to control them?

On many occasions we have heard of what is known as Baby Hairs, those small hairs normally located in the frontal area that are usually somewhat annoying and difficult to control. They are hair that do not grow anymore and remain short in length, but why does this happen? What are Baby Hairs really and why do they appear?

From Hospital Capilar, an expert clinic in medicine and hair surgery in Spain, we tell you everything you need to know about the famous Baby Hairs: what they are, the causes of their appearance, as well as a series of tips to learn how to keep them at bay.

What are Baby Hairs?

Baby Hairs are small strands of hair that are shorter and visibly finer than the rest of the hair. They are located in the front area and also by the sideburns, which is usually an inconvenience for people with long hair who prefer to wear it up. Due to its thickness and size, it is usually new hair that, for certain reasons, its Lifecycle It is shorter and therefore does not usually exceed 2 millimeters in length.

It is important to differentiate between these Baby Hairs and broken hair. When the hair breaks due to excessive traction, the use of irons and dryers or the use of dyes, it generates a shorter strand. Despite this, this hair will continue to grow at its usual rate until it reaches the length of the rest of the hair. However, they see their growth limited and do not usually grow more than 2 millimeters.

Why do we have Baby Hairs and the hair doesn't grow anymore?

The origin of Baby Hairs, according to our doctors, is due to several factors that reduce the anagen, or growth, phase of these hairs and, instead of growing approximately 1 centimeter per month like the rest of the hair, it is shortened and constantly repeated, causing the hair to not grow enough . This occurs mainly due to a genetic component, which explains why there are people with a greater amount of these fine hairs than others. It can also be due to a hormonal imbalance caused by the action of androgens, which weakens and narrows the strand.

Is it possible to remove Baby Hairs?

On many occasions trying to make a more elaborate updo or hairstyle is impossible with the Baby Hairs peeking out. This is why we tend to look for formulas to get rid of these small and fine hairs that protrude from the front and sideburns. However, there is no method that eliminates Baby Hairs as such, although there are hair treatments to which we can turn, prior medical diagnosis, to thicken the hair and promote its growth such as PRP or hair mesotherapy. 

hair diagnosis room Hospital Capilar

Tips to Control Baby Hairs

Since these small hairs cannot be eliminated as such, it is advisable to know how to control them to hide them and thus be able to achieve the hairstyle we want. From Hospital Capilar We give you a series of simple tips to control and keep Baby Hairs at bay.

Comb them with a toothbrush

Being such fine and short hair, the usual brushes or combs that we use for the rest of the hair are not very useful. Instead, it is preferable to use a toothbrush to mold and get the shape we want from the Baby Hairs. In this way we will be more precise combing them and we will be able to adapt them to the way we want.

Fixed with wax or gel

Since the hair is very fine, gels or waxes are required to fix it and prevent that feeling of frizzy hair that is so often avoided. For this reason, we recommend combing lightly with the toothbrush, applying a small amount of hairspray or gel and shaping the hair with the toothbrush to the shape that we like best. Thus, we can put everything back if we are going to do a clean effect up-do or give curved shapes close to the face to achieve a more striking and innovative effect.

Don't overtighten them

It is important to note that it is not recommended to overtighten Baby Hairs. Being fine hair and of short length, if we pull it intensely it will end up breaking or falling out, which could start what is known as a traction alopecia.

Extremely fine hair? put a solution

When Baby Hairs are not the only fine and thin hair that we have in our hair and, in addition, we notice unusual hair loss that accompanies a lack of density, it is essential to go to a specialist. Currently there are hair treatments with which hair thickens, hair loss is reduced, hair growth is encouraged and, ultimately, higher quality hair is achieved. For this we must go to an expert and experienced hair clinic in Spain.

Among the treatments that help to recover the thickness of the hair and reduce hair loss are the Platelet Rich Plasma and hair mesotherapy. Both are subdermal infiltration treatments in the scalp that enhance the proper functioning of the Hair follicles keeping the hair in the best conditions and avoiding common hair problems such as hair loss or lack of density.

Hair mesotherapy performed on a woman in Hospital Capilar

Are you worried about your hair? Consult with industry experts

Recovering hair, thickening it and promoting its growth is now possible with our treatments that you can find in our hair clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra. Put yourself in the hands of professionals and take care of your hair in depth. Request your medical diagnosis at no cost!