Do they give you sick leave after a hair transplant?

Do they give you sick leave after a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical intervention that is defined as outpatient as it is minimally invasive. This raises a very common question among those who decide to recover their hair with this method: Do they give you sick leave after a hair transplant? Is it possible to reconcile the postoperative period of a capillary implant with work?

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Is sick leave necessary after a hair transplant?

As we mentioned before, hair transplantation is an outpatient surgery that does not require hospitalization. At the end of the intervention, the patient can return home normally, always taking into account the instructions provided by the medical team to ensure a correct recovery.

Being a cosmetic surgery, in addition to being an outpatient, sick leave is not necessary after a hair transplant. In Hospital Capilar, Thus, we do not facilitate unsubscription. Of course, depending on the functions that the patient performs in his job, he must follow a series of instructions or wait a certain time before resuming them. In any case, it will be medical equipment who advises you at all times depending on your particular situation.

When can you return to work after a hair transplant?

By not having sick leave after a hair transplant, we can think that the return to work is immediate and, in reality, Depends on the type of work being done.. For this reason, it is very common to ask when to return to work after a hair transplant but, in reality, it depends on each particular case.

Although it is true that after the intervention we can lead a relatively normal life, we must not forget the medical guidelines to have a good postoperative period. This also affects the workplace.

Office work

If we occupy an office position where physical exercises are not carried out, nor do we bow our heads, we can rejoin immediately. Of course, in case of working with the public, we may have to wait around ten days before returning, since once this time has elapsed the scabs they will fall and the visual impact will not be as great.

outdoor works

If you work outdoors, it is essential that our medical team advise you in a personalized way, since you must take into account a series of indications. Among other issues, we must take care of the solar exposition and other factors such as wind after hair transplant.

physical jobs

If we regularly make great physical efforts in our workplace, before undergoing the hair implant we must bear in mind that it will not be until the first month has passed when we will be able to resume exercise. After 15 days it is possible to perform light exercise that does not involve excessive sweating.

The importance of the postoperative period of a capillary implant

Know what to do and what to avoid during postoperative of a hair graft It is essential, both in the workplace and on a day-to-day basis. In this way, the correct evolution and recovery of the grafts is guaranteed, avoiding possible complications.

Following each and every one of the medical recommendations is key to obtaining an aesthetic result that lives up to the patient's expectations.

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