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Can I bathe in the sea after a hair transplant?

Being able to go to the beach after a hair graft is possible but as long as a series of very important cares are followed. It is not about ruining the surgery by getting carried away by the impatience of wanting to refresh ourselves in the sea. For that reason, here is the answer to the question: Can I bathe in the sea after a hair transplant?

Many people wonder if they can swim after a hair transplant both in the sea and in the pool, as well as play sports. We must not forget that a hair implant is after all a surgical operation that requires some aftercare, so it is necessary to respect certain deadlines and take certain precautions.

Although in previous articles we talked about go to the beach after a hair transplantNow is the time to point out a more specific aspect such as bathing in salt water.

It is true that most people take advantage of their summer vacations to carry out these types of interventions, so we will show you below a detailed explanation about bathing on the beach that you should take into account to maintain the state of your hair in the better conditions and avoid any incident.

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Can I bathe in the sea after a hair transplant?

Although in the past doctors recommended swimming in the sea to help stimulate the healing and healing of wounds, thanks to the fact that salt helps to disinfect and accelerate the process, it is no longer recommended for hair surgery processes.

This is due to the levels of pollution that exist today in the ocean and that cause a risk of infection in the healing areas. Therefore, they are not a help for our hair after the intervention.

Furthermore, during the postoperative period the scalp is still very sensitive. Substances such as saltpeter can affect the normal hair cycle. Keep in mind that you may have small wounds in the transplant area. And these are vulnerable to infections as we have already commented.

Therefore, if you wonder if "I can bathe in the sea after a hair transplant", the answer is no.

Bathing in the sea after a hair transplant

Can I wear a swimming cap after a hair transplant?

Surely you have thought that the swimming cap is a very logical remedy to avoid wetting the area of ​​the head or the transplanted hair, but the truth is that its use is not recommended.

The first weeks after a hair implant do not have to think about the wearing the hat, neither normal nor much less the swimming pool. These exert a noticeable pressure on the scalp and the fact of both putting them on and taking them off may put the adaptation of the transplanted follicular units at risk.

The importance of following postoperative guidelines

To the question Can I bathe in the sea after a hair transplant? the answer is no. Try not to submerge your head in water for any reason during the first month. It is a small price to pay to show off that hair that you have been waiting for so long. After that, you are free to dive in and swim freely in the sea.

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