Man with sparse beard
6th October 2023

Sparse Beard: Causes and Treatments

In recent years, the beard has become an important visual element in the aesthetics of men. This is why more and more people go to barbershops to receive specific care so that it looks impeccable at all times. However, the sparse beard is a reality for many men that even becomes a reason for lack of self-esteem and complexes, but can we find a solution?

En Hospital Capilar We are an expert clinic in hair medicine and hair grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra. Here we tell you everything you need to know about sparse beards: causes that cause a lack of density in the beard and possible treatments.

Causes of sparse beard

The reasons why we have a sparse beard are very varied. Determining what is the cause that prevents the full beard from growing is key to opting for the treatment that offers us the best results.. For this, it is advisable to go to a hair clinic where you can receive a diagnosis that determines the possible cause of the sparse beard.

Hormonal and genetic factor

As in cases of alopeciaThe most common thing is that the sparse beard is due to a hormonal imbalance, most of the time as a result of genetic inheritance. These cases are easily detectable since it is characterized by the lack of growth of the beard since puberty.  

alopecia areata

The development of a alopecia areata It is another of the most common causes of having a sparse beard. According to our medical equipment, the most characteristic symptom is the appearance of bald beard with round shapes. This is due to the person's own immune system which attacks the hair follicles causing their destruction.


La folliculitis It consists of the infection, usually bacterial, of the hair follicles, which can lead to scarring in the affected areas. In this scar tissue the hair would not grow, resulting in a sparse beard.

Tinea barbae or impetigo are also other types of skin infections that can cause facial hair not to grow.


When the person has scars caused by burns or trauma, the hair does not grow. Although in these cases we would not be facing a case of depopulated beard as such, but areas with scar tissue without hair.

What to do to recover density in the beard?

Do you have the typical sparse beard and want to solve it? What is recommended to do in these cases? Since Hospital Capilar we tell you what to do to recover the density in the beard and look impeccable at all times.

Medical diagnostic

As we have mentioned before, the main thing is to find the origin that causes us to have a sparse beard. In this way we can resort to the most recommended treatment in our particular case.

For this we must go to a hair clinic in Spain that has a expert medical team. In Hospital Capilar We offer you a completely free medical diagnosis where our team studies your case individually.

Treatment according to the type of alopecia

Once we have a diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the best treatment in each case. Depending on the type of pathology that causes the lack of density in the beard, one or the other is used.

When what causes us to have a sparse beard is a hormonal or genetic problem, the usual thing is to opt for drugs that cause increased vascularization of the hair follicle. These can be topical in the form of creams or applied subcutaneously. On the other hand, in cases of alopecia areata it is the dermatologist who prescribes the corticoids to stabilize this condition and regain facial hair. In any case, treatments for alopecia barbae should be decided by a medical professional.

Beard graft, the definitive solution to the lack of density

Today one of the most effective methods, and therefore most demanded, to put an end to the sparse beard is the beard graft, especially in cases of genetic origin. It is an outpatient surgery, minimally invasive, which in Hospital Capilar we do with the FUE technique since it is the one that offers the most natural results.

The procedure consists of the extraction of the follicles necessary to fill in the beard of the lower area of ​​the neck, to subsequently implant them respecting the beard design chosen by the patient. The results of the beard graft with the FUE technique are given definitively once the first year after the intervention has elapsed.

CRT in the beard

Your beard graft WAS in Hospital Capilar

If you are interested in beard grafting to put an end to lack of density, come and meet us! We have an expert medical team with which to obtain aesthetic results that meet expectations. Request your hair diagnosis at no cost and take the step to change.