May 14th 2024

Benefits of lavender oil for hair: Does it stop hair loss?​

The use of essential oils to care for hair is a widespread method today to maintain good hair health using natural remedies. Among the most notable to include in your hair care routine is lavender oil as it has beneficial healing properties for hair. Among the benefits of lavender oil for hair, Is it capable of stopping hair loss?

From Hospital Capilar, a clinic specialized in hair grafting and hair care, we tell you the main benefits of lavender oil for hair and to what extent this ingredient serves as a treatment for hair loss or alopecia.

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Lavender branch that is used to make products with which to obtain the benefits of lavender oil for hair

Main benefits of lavender oil for hair

Lavender essential oil has multiple properties for our health in general, since it is also a perfect relaxant widely used in aromatherapy methods. Lavender is also a great ally for hair care and, for this reason, we can find it in the formulas of numerous hair products such as shampoos, masks and serums.

Reduces scalp oil

Lavender balances the pH of the scalp and contains antiseptic properties that help reduce excess sebum in the hair.. In this way, lavender essential oil is highly beneficial for people with oily hair.

Helps eliminate dandruff

Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make lavender a great ally to combat inflammation. dandruff. Among the benefits of lavender oil for hair, its ability to soothe the scalp stands out, reducing the itching that accompanies excess dandruff.

Reduce frizz

Lavender is also a good natural conditioner, as it provides softness, texture and shine to the hair. Hair products formulated with lavender are recommended for frizzy hair, as it reduces the frizz and improves the condition of the hair fiber.

Strengthens hair

Lavender oil deeply cleanses the scalp, which leads to Hair follicles function properly and the hair is strengthened. Thus, the hair becomes less brittle and gains volume.

Does lavender stop hair loss?

Among the benefits of lavender oil for hair, its hair-strengthening action stands out. This is why we can often hear that lavender stops hair loss and also promotes hair growth. But to what extent is this true?

Applying lavender to the scalp combats hair loss in cases where hair loss is controlled and normal, such as in cases of seasonal fall. However, lavender is not effective in patients with alopecia y In no case can it be considered as a treatment for alopecia. Lavender oil contributes to the correct functioning and maintenance of hair follicles, but in the event of a hair disorder such as alopecia or a telogen effluvium other types of hair treatments with proven medical efficacy.

How to use lavender oil in your hair

We can incorporate lavender oil into our hair care routine in different ways.

Lavender in oil or serum

One of the ways to apply lavender to your hair is by purchasing the essential oil or in serum format. In this last format we can apply it directly to the hair from mid-lengths to ends to benefit from its conditioning properties. If you purchase the essential oil, it can be mixed with another oil and applied directly to the scalp with a gentle massage. This way the product will be absorbed better while blood circulation in the area is activated.

Lavender shampoos

The easiest option to include lavender in our hair care routine is with the use of shampoos formulated with lavender. Another option is to add a few drops of lavender oil to our daily shampoo to enhance its effects.

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