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November 23th 2021

Benefits of a hair graft: Why do it?

Hair implant surgeries are booming. More and more people are requesting information and are encouraged to take the step to regain hair where it stopped growing. And why do so many men and women choose this intervention? Which are the benefits of a hair graft? We tell you about them below.

What is a hair graft?

To know and understand the benefits of a hair graft, first it is convenient to know what a hair implant is and how it is performed.

A hair graft, implant or transplant is a minimally invasive outpatient surgery in which the follicular units of the area that is not affected by alopecia to implant them in the area to be treated. This is carried out based on a previous diagnosis in which the medical team determines if the patient is suitable to undergo this surgery. In addition, they also assess how many follicular units could be extracted depending on the state of the donor area and the area that the patient wants to cover.

A hair graft usually lasts approximately 8 hours, depending on each particular case. The patient is conscious at all times since only local anesthesia is used. At the end of the surgery, the person begins the phase of postoperative of a hair graft in which you must comply with each and every one of the measures and recommendations given by the medical team. Thus, the survival of the grafts is guaranteed, and possible complications are also avoided.

The results of a hair implant are given a year after the intervention, 18 months in cases of the crown, although after 6 months the patient can see results and begin to see hair where it did not have before.

What are the benefits of a hair graft?

After knowing how is the process of a hair implant, it is time to list all the benefits of a hair graft to understand why more and more people decide to take the step.

You recover the hair lost due to alopecia

One of the greatest benefits of a hair graft is to recover hair that has been lost due to some type of alopecia. The truth is that the hair implant is the only way we currently have to see ourselves with hair again. exist hair treatments effective that help the correct functioning of the scalp, but none, in any case, will make hair grow where it stopped due to alopecia.

Minimally invasive intervention

As mentioned before, a hair implant is not a major surgery, but it is minimally invasive, as well as ambulatory. The patient enters the operating room and leaves the same day, so it is very comfortable since we only have one day off to undergo a hair graft. 

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Does not require general anesthesia

Unlike other aesthetic operations, during hair implantation the patient is conscious and awake throughout the procedure. Only local anesthesia applied directly to the scalp through various injections is used.

En Hospital Capilar we care about the well-being of our patients. That is why we offer you an exclusive service of pre-anesthesia With which we managed to reduce the pain of the injection of anesthesia by up to 80%.

Does not require hospitalization

Hospitalization is not necessary when we undergo a hair graft. This is because the surgery is, as we mentioned, minimally invasive. It is truly comfortable for patients to spend a single day to perform the hair implant.

Definitive long-term results

One of the most worrying questions is when the results of a hair graft occur and how long they last.

Hair that has been implanted in the area affected by alopecia no longer falls out. Although, it is true that a series of recommendations and medical treatments must be followed to control alopecia and keep hair in the best health conditions.

Control and medical safety

En Hospital Capilar we have a great medical equipment experienced in hair surgeries. They are responsible for the intervention and have controlled and monitored the patient at all times, ensuring their safety and health.

You regain self-esteem

We know that alopecia can cause self-esteem problems, especially when it develops at an early age. Thanks to the hair graft we managed to recover it and end the possible complexes that baldness caused us.

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Your hair graft in the best hands

One of the keys for the results of a hair graft to be as expected is a correct previous diagnosis. On Hospital Capilar We have an expert medical team with which you can make a free first assessment. Get informed!



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