Biotin pills for hair loss

Biotin for hair loss: Is it effective?

Faced with unusual hair loss, it is essential to know how to act to avoid a considerable loss of density. One of the most popular remedies lately is what is known as biotin, which can be found in the composition of some shampoos, as well as in nutritional supplements. But, Is biotin for hair loss really effective?

En Hospital Capilar, hair clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you everything you need to know about biotin for hair.

What is biotin?

Before knowing how biotin works for hair loss, it is essential to know what it really is. Biotin is nothing more than a B group vitamin that promotes the production of enzymes in hair and skin.

Biotin can be found in foods such as oily fish or eggs. Also in some dried fruits such as walnuts. The ideal way to keep hair in good condition is to avoid a deficit of this nutrient, among others, through a correct and varied diet.

How does biotin work on hair?

The main function of biotin in hair is, according to our doctors, facilitate the arrival of nutrients to the hair follicles by promoting blood circulation and oxygenation of the scalp. This keeps the hair healthy and in the best condition.

In short, biotin, along with other types of essential nutrients for hair, is essential for maintaining hair health.

Is it true that biotin slows hair loss?

Lately there are many people who decide to consume food supplements based on biotin for hair loss. But, is it true that the consumption of this nutrient in isolation is capable of reversing the effects of hair loss?

As we have previously mentioned, biotin contributes to the proper functioning of the scalp. However, consuming biotin for hair loss or applying it topically will not stop us from losing hair. Yes it is true that it can help, but in no case can it be used as a single and isolated treatment for unusual hair loss.

Therefore, it could not be said that biotin is effective in treating hair loss in isolation, but it is beneficial for hair. 

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How to deal with unusual hair loss

If we notice a considerable loss of hair density and even the appearance of hairless areas on the head, it is essential to know how to act to reverse the effects as soon as possible.

Use effective hair products

In cases where hair loss is not accompanied by the appearance of bald spots, hair loss products are highly beneficial. Also in people with more acute hair loss they are the perfect complement to other medical treatments.

Go for hair treatments

The continuous advances in the field of hair medicine have meant that today we have effective treatments to treat common hair problems such as hair loss or miniaturization.

En Hospital Capilar we have the medically proven hair treatments with which to take care of the hair stopping its fall. All of them require a previous capillary diagnosis to determine which of them best suits the needs of each patient.

Hair Redensification Treatment

El Hair Redensification Treatment, or HRT, consists of pharmacomesotherapy adapted to each patient. Thus, through subdermal infiltrations in the scalp, drugs and vitamins are applied that treat hair loss from its roots.

Capillary Regeneration Treatment

Another hair treatment Hospital Capilar is called Capillary Regeneration Treatment or CRT. By extracting a small amount of blood from the patient himself, the rich growth factors are obtained, which are injected into the scalp. In this way, hair regeneration is promoted and its miniaturization is avoided.

Case of androgenetic alopecia in women

Recovers capillary density

En Hospital Capilar, with a clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we have a team of highly experienced medical professionals. Request your first totally free hair diagnosis and recover hair density. 



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