Pele's hair on the volcano on La Palma

November 29th 2021

Pele's hair on the La Palma volcano: Why is it called that?

The La Palma volcano, active for a couple of months, is giving us many volcanology lessons that we may not have known before. In recent days the volcano has started to eject something known as Pele's hair. In relation to this, doubts may assail us but, in Hospital Capilar, experts in hair medicine, we really ask ourselves: Why is it called that? Why do you use the term "hair" in volcanology?

Here we give you all the information about Pele's hair in the La Palma volcano and the origin of its name.

What is Pele's hair on the La Palma volcano?

When we talk about Pele's hair we mean the pyroclasts expelled by an erupting volcano that are stretched by the wind generating a kind of row. The truth is that these look like hair, since they are very fine and elongated.

This phenomenon occurs on days when it is very windy, which deforms the pyroclasts, stretching them excessively, giving rise to Pele's hair.

Origin of Pele's hair: Why is it called that?

These rows that the La Palma volcano expels are giving much to talk about. But, what is the reason why this type of pyroclast is called Pele's hair?

This volcanic phenomenon Named after the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes named Pele. She is also known for being the goddess of fire and lightning and, according to Hawaiian mythology, she was in charge of shaping the earth.

Adding "hair" to the name of this phenomenon is mainly due to the form these pyroclasts take. A collection of Pele hair is, to the naked eye, similar to a bundle of hairs. They are so fine and elongated that it looks like the hair of the goddess Pele herself, represented with a long mane. Hence it is known as Pele's hair.

Other curiosities about hair

As we can see, hair is present in many other aspects of our life and not only in the purely capillary. As with the pyroclasts of the La Palma volcano, we use terms related to hair much more often than we think. We even have a great variety of set phrases and sayings with "hair"!

We care about caring for our hair correctly, more and more people are undergoing hair grafts ... in short, we care about our hair. But did you know some of these curiosities about hair

woman standing near body of water during daytime

Hair memorizes

It may seem like fiction, but hair has a memory. In fact, many tests are carried out by obtaining hair samples since it is able to reveal how long we have been without smoking, for example.

Hair is dead

Hair as such, that is, what we comb, collect or braid is inert. The live part of the hair is the one that is under the skin.

Hair grows 0,5 millimeters a day

Although the rate of hair growth varies depending on each person, as a general rule, hair grows around 0,5 millimeters per day.

Platelet Rich Plasma

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