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Hair loss in menopause: All the information

During menopause, hair undergoes various changes, ranging from hair loss to a change in texture. Hair loss in menopause is a very common situation that many women go through during the process.

Therefore, today we want to give you information about this situation, so that the hair can cope with it in the best possible way and we can show off hair without hair aging being a problem.

Hair changes during menopause

In addition to hair loss in menopause, many changes occur during this stage in the hair that we can notice to a greater or lesser extent. It is important to know what they are and accept them, as well as to anticipate as much as possible so that we can notice a hair in condition and hair aging is not a problem.

Here are the changes that can most commonly appear:

Increase in gray hair

Hair aging results in the production of gray hair. It is normal that upon reaching menopause we notice an increase in them, although it does not have to happen.

Hair with a different texture and of poorer quality

Another thing that is common to happen after menopause is that we notice a complete change in the hair. Hormonal changes mean that we can notice a change in the texture of our hair, but even its quality can deteriorate.

Just as our hair changes when we are infants to children, and later to adolescents, this change is totally normal. With menopause, hair changes, and we must accept it as something natural and normal.

Change in hair during menopause

More hair loss

Hair loss in menopause is something that many women experience when they reach this stage. Hair begins to lose quality, and it is normal that we notice that it is no longer as we would like. 

Maintenance hair treatments will help us survive this stage and take care of our hair health completely, preventing hair loss.

Loss of gloss and density

In addition, these hormonal changes in menopause can cause hair to lose shine and quality. This makes maintaining good care before and after menopause essential if we want to take proper care of capillary health.

Hair loss in menopause

Hair loss in menopause is one of the most common effects that women can experience during this stage of their life cycle. While the androgenetic alopecia It is more common in men and usually occurs between the ages of 30 and 35, and even at younger ages, in women the loss of density is more common after menopause.

Hair aging and miniaturization takes its toll after such a large hormonal change, causing many women to begin to see an aggravated hair loss.

For that reason, going to hair specialists becomes a good option that we must take into account if we want to properly care for our hair, as it can help us avoid the effects of these hormonal changes.

Tips for caring for your hair

How to care for your hair during menopause

Do you want your hair to hold and stay healthy during menopause? Here we give you a series of tips that will help you prevent hair loss during menopause. 

Remember that these tips are aids that can help you, but that many times it will be necessary to perform treatments to completely avoid hair loss:

Wash your hair all you need

The first thing we must know is that we must wash our hair as many times as necessary. Correct washing is essential for good hair health, and we must be aware that each hair needs a different washing routine.

Use the right hair products

The product we use greatly influences our hair health. The products must be specific for our hair, taking care at all times that they adapt to the type of hair we have.

Put importance on food and stress peaks

Food and our rhythm of life significantly influence how our hair looks. A good hair diet, followed by a healthy lifestyle, will help us take better care of the condition of our hair.

Take even more care of capillary hydration

La hair hydration it greatly influences how our hair looks visually. Helping it to be in perfect condition, maintaining good hydration, will generally help our entire capillary health.

Hair treatments for menopause

Although the advice can be of help, many times we will have to go to maintenance treatments to take care of our hair. Hormonal changes are so strong during menopause that extra help will help us to properly care for our hair.

En Hospital Capilar we are specialists in hair and we offer various treatments that will help you to take care of your hair health in an adapted way.

There are treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma or our Hair Redensification Treatment that will help you prevent hair loss in menopause. Through our free hair diagnosis, our team will analyze your case in a personalized way to give you a solution adapted to your needs, so that you can help your hair completely. We will wait for you!

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Adapted hair solutions

En Hospital Capilar we are specialists in hair and we will be happy to help you take care of your hair health. We will wait for you!



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