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11th October 2023

Hair loss in autumn: Why does it happen?

With the arrival of the autumn season, we generally notice an increase in hair loss, which is usually a strong cause for concern. Hair loss in autumn is a phenomenon that is repeated year after year and responds to what is known as seasonal fall. Due to various factors, hair loss during the fall is more pronounced and, therefore, we must take greater care of our hair. Knowing the reasons for hair loss in autumn is key to knowing how to cope with the hair loss that accompanies this season. 

Why does hair fall out in autumn? 

As with animals, We humans must also renew our hair. Although it is true that we do not do it as abruptly as other mammals, it is true that during the fall we see greater hair loss as part of this hair renewal. This phase occurs progressively, that is, the hair begins to fall with greater intensity but for a prolonged period of time. Our medical equipment indicates that what is called telogen effluvium

In normal situations, hair falls out on average between 100 and 150 hairs a day. When the arrival of autumn brings a telogen effluvium, this number increases between 150 and 300 hairs per day. This happens by itself life cycle of hair follicles. These follicles are a type of bags inside the scalp that contain hair, and they go through several phases throughout their life in a cycle that is constantly repeated in normal situations: birth, growth and loss. When hair loss occurs in autumn it is because due to changes in climate, fewer hours of daylight and environmental factors, much of those hair follicles enter your telogen phase or hair loss, causing an increase in hair loss. 

Furthermore, the Stress Derived from returning to routine after summer vacation, it increases cortisol levels in the body, causing hair loss. 

Symptoms of hair loss in autumn

Hair loss can occur due to multiple factors and, depending on its origin, the loss may or may not be reversible. This is why it is key to identify the type of alopecia or the factors that trigger hair loss to, among others, be able to follow the most appropriate hair treatment in each case. To do this, we must pay special attention to the symptoms of this seasonal drop. 

Bald spots do not appear

Hair loss in autumn does not usually accompany bald spots, since the hair will fall randomly, avoiding areas that are more sparse than others.

Lack of overall density

Yes, we can notice a lack of hair density, especially when we put our hair up, since the pigtails will be less thick. 

Weakened hair

Another symptom of hair loss in autumn is that the hair is dull and brittle. This is mainly due to external aggressions that occur during the summer such as salt, chlorine or long exposure to the sun.

How long does hair loss last in autumn?

Hair loss in autumn is reversible in the vast majority of cases. Hair loss lasts approximately three months, although we can stop it sooner with certain hair treatments. 

Treatments for hair loss in autumn

Although hair loss in autumn is reversible in most cases, we can opt for certain hair treatments to reduce hair loss, enhance hair quality and avoid a greater impact. To know which is best in our particular case, a medical evaluation is required. The most used in these cases are the Platelet Rich Plasma and hair mesotherapy

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a treatment that stops hair loss and promotes hair growth thanks to the application of enriched plasma obtained from the patient's own blood. On the other hand, hair mesotherapy consists of subdermal infiltration of vitamins and adapted drugs with which hair loss is treated. 

How to care for your hair in autumn

There are some guidelines that we can follow when taking care of our hair during the fall so that it does not fall out even more.

Wash frequently 

Although it is common to read that It is not good to wash your hair every day, the truth is that we must wash our hair as often as it requests. Not all hair is the same and therefore not all need the same care. 

It is also necessary to brush your hair daily to remove all those hairs that have fallen out and are left hanging from the rest of our hair. Waiting longer than normal to wash and brush your hair will mean that every time we do it we will notice a greater accumulation of loose hair, which in turn can cause more hair loss by having to comb deeper to get rid of loose hair. 

Avoid thermal aggression

If it is no longer good at any time of the year, at a time when our hair is shedding, it is necessary that we avoid dryers and irons as much as possible, as they can cause a weakening of the hair that will make the fall fall more pronounced. 

Avoid stress

Stress increases cortisol levels in the body, causing greater hair loss. This is why we must reduce the stress levels that usually accompany the return to routine and the end of the vacation. To do this, we can practice exercise or relaxation activities such as yoga, among others. 

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