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7th September 2021

What is the seasonal drop? All the information about it

Seasonal hair loss is a situation that occurs every year in the hair and that we can notice to a greater or lesser extent. Do you notice that autumn is coming and your hair falls out? Like the leaves, we also live our own change and it is normal that we notice the change at specific times.

Is hair loss bad in autumn? Should we worry too much or is it totally normal? Today we want to solve all the questions that may arise around this event, so that you can deal with it in the best way when it occurs.

What is the seasonal drop?

We can define the seasonal fall as an event that occurs at certain times of the year caused by the change of season. Like all mammals, the human being sheds hair to adapt to changes in temperature.

In autumn we will notice that hair falls more than normal, since, according to our doctors, goes through a stage of renewal that helps you cope with this new stage in the best possible way.

Sometimes this seasonal fall is very slight, while at other times we can notice it in an exaggerated way. It should not worry us, since it is totally normal and temporary.

We may also notice a loss of hair quality, but this is also temporary.

Moments in which the hair loss is greater

When, then, do you experience that change in hair produced after the change of season? The stage where it is most noticeable is autumn, specifically between late summer and early autumn.

We can also notice an aggravated capillary fall during the spring, when there is also a considerable change in temperature. Even so, in spring it is not usually as noticeable a hair loss as it is in winter.

Fall hair loss

How to differentiate seasonal hair loss from alopecia

If in autumn it is normal for us to notice that our hair falls out more, then how do we differentiate when it is a temporary fall or the first signs of baldness? It can cause us doubts, and it is totally normal for us to worry. For that reason, we tell you what you should look for to differentiate it:

Hair health is maintained

When we suffer a serious hair problem we will notice that the visual state of our hair worsens considerably. For example, if we notice that the hair loses thickness and becomes miniaturized, it is most likely that it is some kind of hair problem.

With the seasonal fall we can notice that the hair worsens its condition, but it is not something especially striking. Maybe it loses a bit of shine or strength, but in general the hair health is maintained.

The seasonal decline is temporary

Another piece of information that can help us distinguish between alopecia and seasonal hair loss is the length of time this hair loss lasts. If it is temporary, it should not be something that worries us; On the other hand, if it is maintained over time, it is something that we must take into account because it can be a sign of incipient alopecia.

Hair falls out, but you don't lose volume or density

When we have alopecia, hair loss causes us to lose density and volume in the hair. It can go little by little, but if we look back we will notice a change in both aspects.

Instead, seasonal fall is not going to change how our hair looks so exaggerated. It can occur more than usual, but it will not reach such exaggerated levels that we lose capillary density or volume to the level of incipient alopecia.

Tips for caring for your hair

How to take care of your hair during the seasonal fall

Although the seasonal fall is something temporary, it is convenient to know what can help us to make the whole season pass in a simple way and without complications that worry us more. 

Next, we give you a series of tips that will help you cope with this stage in the best possible way:

Remember it's temporary

The important thing is not to get overwhelmed with this situation. Fall hair loss is temporary and, once this "change" has passed, we will notice the hair in its usual state. 

The importance of a good rhythm of life

Our stress and anxiety peaks as well as the diet we follow greatly influence how our hair looks. We must follow a good diet rich in essential nutrients and lead a relaxed pace of life if we want to fully take care of our hair, as well as our entire body.

Hair maintenance treatments: Your best ally

Many times, no matter how much we do on our part, we cannot get the hair to be in its best condition. In this case, maintenance treatments are those great allies that help us take care of all aspects of the health of our hair.

Treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma or HRT are perfect to help us survive these stages of the year where the hair is more sensitive, taking care of the hair so that it grows healthy and as we want.

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