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December 6th 2021

Bald spots on the beard: How to fix it?

Many men do not develop a full beard and lack density in the area. This usually happens very frequently and is not usually due to any pathology. However, it can also happen that we notice the appearance of bald beard. In these cases, how can we solve it? What is the reason for the appearance of these hairless areas in the beard? We will tell you!

Why do bald spots appear on the beard?

Sometimes noticing a lack of hair on the beard can lead to a lack of self-esteem. The beard has become one more complement and, as such, we want it to be in the best possible condition.

The appearance of bald spots on the beard can give rise to the need to constantly shave to feel safe and look good. But what is the reason why there are areas of the beard where hair does not grow?

Lack of density in the beard

Normally when we notice hairless areas in the beard it is usually due to the predisposition of the person not to develop a full beard. In these cases, a generally thinning beard is seen.

Presence of burns or scars

One of the reasons facial hair stops growing is due to burns or scars. In this sense, in those areas of the face in which there are these types of skin lesions there will be no hair.

Alopecia areata on the beard

When the presence of bald spots on the beard are circular and very focused, it is very likely that it is a case of alopecia areata on the beard.

Alopecia areata is a type of alopecia of autoimmune origin. This means that it is the person's own immune system that attacks the hair follicles. It can occur, in addition to the beard, in the hair and even in the eyebrows.

In cases where bald spots in the beard are caused by alopecia areata, our doctors identify symptoms such as:

  • Facial hair loss progressively
  • Hairless circular areas have smooth skin
  • Where bald spots appear before there was hair

Fungal infection

Another reason why a man can develop bald spots on his beard is due to a fungal infection.

In the same way that they can be had head fungus and adversely affect the scalp, this same fungus can develop in the beard causing the appearance of bald spots. 

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How to treat bald spots on the beard?

Depending on the origin from which hairless areas appear, it will be treated in one way or another. It is for this reason that it is highly recommended to go to a doctor specialized in the hair sector to determine the cause and, consequently, send the appropriate treatment.

When these bald spots are due to scars or burns, hair will not come out again because the tissue becomes scar.

On the other hand, in cases in which it is alopecia areata, it is normally recommended to use of corticosteroids, as well as topical Minoxidil to stimulate facial hair growth.

If it is a fungal infection the culprit, it will be antifungal products that must be used to treat it.

In either case, a doctor must supervise and decide which treatment is best for each case.

Beard graft: the ultimate solution to lack of density

In cases where the bald spots on the beard are due to the person's own predisposition not to develop a full beard, the beard graft It is the definitive solution to have that hair.

It is a minimally invasive outpatient intervention in which the necessary follicular units are extracted from the lower area of ​​the neck to later implant them in the areas of the beard to be treated. The definitive results are given one year after the intervention, although at six months the first results can already be seen.

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