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5th October 2023

Do cavities cause hair loss?

The beginning of a notable hair loss can occur for different reasons such as stress, a poor diet or a hormonal imbalance, among others. Lately there is talk that, among the possible factors that can trigger alopecia, is poor oral health. But, Is it true that cavities cause hair loss? To what extent does dental disease influence hair health?

From Hospital Capilar We will tell you to what extent cavities cause hair loss and, in any case, what is most recommended to stop hair loss. Next!

Is it true that cavities cause hair loss?

Yes it is true that cavities cause hair loss, and also other types of dental diseases such as herpes. It is not a hair fake news, since recent studies have shown the relationship between oral and hair health. Having a cavity or herpes can trigger a alopecia areata.  

What is alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata is a type of alopecia of autoimmune origin, that is, it is the person's own immune system that attacks the hair follicles. It affects men and women in the same way and, to this day, the exact causes for which it occurs are unknown, although certain triggering factors are associated.

unlike a androgenic alopecia, the most common of all, in which progressive hair loss occurs, alopecia areata causes sudden hair loss in the form of rounded patches on the scalp. According to doctors from Hospital Capilar, rounded bald spots may also appear on the beard, eyebrows and other parts of the body.  

Although in most cases hair loss is reversible, when it is not treated in time, the destruction of the hair follicles occurs and the hair that falls will not grow back.

Relationship between cavities and alopecia areata

Recent studies that show that cavities cause hair loss associate this link to the natural increase in white blood cells when there is an infection in our body, in this dental case. The body raises the levels of white blood cells as a defense against dental infection. However, in some cases these white blood cells reach other tissues mistakenly attacking the hair follicles.

Therefore, it is this increase in white blood cells that is identified as the main cause of cavities causing hair loss. In this sense, once the oral infection is treated, hair loss stops.

What to do in case of hair loss due to cavities

About 100 hairs fall out daily, and this is something completely normal since it is due to our own hair life cycle. When this number increases and hairless areas begin to be seen, it is important to solve it before the visual impact is greater. Since cavities have been shown to cause hair loss in the form of alopecia areata, it is important to know what to do at the first symptoms of this type of alopecia.

go to the dentist

The first thing to do is to maintain correct dental hygiene and go regularly for check-ups with our dentist. In case of experiencing or appreciating a cavity, it is almost mandatory to go to treat it. In most cases, once the infection is treated, hair will grow back and hair loss will stop.

Consult an expert hair doctor

In the event that the fall does not subside, it is important to go to a specialized hair clinic since it could be some other type of alopecia. Receiving a personalized medical diagnosis is key to knowing the exact origin of hair loss and thus following the capillary treatment more recommended.

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