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Committed to the satisfaction of our patients, in Hospital Capilar We seek success in each of our interventions. We show you some of our success stories with these before and after a hair transplant.

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More than 3.500 surgeries
made by our
health team endorse our results.

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We have a 95% satisfaction rate
by our patients.

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More than 2.500 patients have recovered their hair and self-esteem since our opening in 2021.

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We carefully study each case to obtain the best results from hair grafting.



One of the keys to achieving a good result of the capillary graft is to work naturally. In Hospital Capilar We carry out a meticulous study of the patient which, together with the technique used and the skill of our medical team, leads us to the success of each intervention. These before and after hair transplants are just some of the many satisfied patients who have gone through our hair clinics in Spain.


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Achieving a great before and after hair transplant is not our only goal. We work so that our patients enjoy the process and feel comfortable at all times. We give all the facilities and personalized attention to each patient, making them feel part of the hair revolution.

Now you can make your Online diagnosis and know if you are suitable for a hair transplant in just 2 minutes with one of our experts. 



The results of a hair transplant are not immediate, but the implanted hair goes through different stages over the course of a year, at which time the definitive change will be appreciated. The hair implant is, therefore, a long-term process in which we must be patient until we witness the real before and after of a hair graft.

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The first days after hair implant

In the first days after hair surgery, the scalp is sensitive and a series of care and cures are necessary. At this stage, practically no new hair will be seen in the operated area. In the following 10 days, scabs appear and will be gradually removed by washing. Scabs arise because the scalp is healing and the implanted hair follicles are settling.

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1 month after hair transplant

During the first month, new hair is seen in the receiving area, but it is very fine. This hair begins to fall and what is known as Shock Loss or desert phase of a hair graft occurs. The new hair that has begun to grow falls out drastically, but the follicular unit remains on the scalp. This is a normal process that occurs due to the trauma suffered during hair surgery. Hair that falls out will give way to denser, stronger and thicker hair.

Healthcare performing the 24-hour cure of the hair graft
Doctor performing a hair diagnosis
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6 months after hair transplant

It is from the sixth month onwards that new hair can be seen in the area that has been operated on. At this moment the hair has grown 50% of what it still has to grow, so we are halfway to the final result of the hair graft.

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1 year of hair transplant

Once the first year of hair surgery has passed, a clear difference can be seen before and after the hair graft. The patient has already achieved his final result, the hair has grown and gained sufficient thickness to cover the area affected by alopecia.

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18 months after hair transplant

When a crown hair graft is performed, the final results take a little longer. It is at 18 months when the crown is completely covered.



When will I be able to see the final result of my hair transplant?

One year after the hair implant is when the definitive result is seen. In cases of crown, you should wait until 18 months.

Are the results of hair transplant forever?

The results of the hair transplant are long-lasting and, as long as the appropriate medical treatment is followed, definitive.

What is the probability of success of the hair transplant?

En Hospital Capilar 95% of patients who have undergone a hair transplant are satisfied with their results. Our technique, work protocols and medical professionals make the vast majority of hair surgeries a success.

Is it necessary to continue with medical treatment after hair implantation?

Yes. We must keep in mind that alopecia is a disease that if not treated continues to progress, so if we do not comply with the prescribed treatment, the hair will fall and will not grow again.

How long does it take for the crown to grow in a hair transplant?

The crown is the part of the scalp where hair takes the longest to grow. You have to wait for 18 months to see the definitive results. This is because the crown is the part of the head that has the least vascularization, the skin is thicker and is more exposed to damage from external agents.

At what age is hair transplant most effective?

There is no specific age at which the chances of success of hair surgery are greater.

My grafted hair doesn't grow, is it normal?

The hair that has been implanted needs time to grow to an adequate thickness and size. If it has not grown before 18 months, it is important to be patient and wait. If the estimated period has passed and it does not grow, we must bear in mind that this is not usual and we must consult with the medical professional.

Does hair that has been removed from the donor area grow back?

No. This is why extensive experience of the healthcare team is required so that the hair that is extracted from the donor area goes unnoticed.



Google Ratings

Juan Luis Marchani

An experience that far exceeded my expectations.

To begin with, the facilities: the attention to detail they have is impeccable, everything is thought out and designed, not only with...

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aesthetic taste, if not also in a practical way to make your comfort the number 1 priority.

I had had a hair graft done a year ago at another well-known clinic (with a red logo) and they got an approved scraping. However the Hospital Capilar takes the honors degree.

The staff that work there were all lovely, very polite and affectionate, waiting for you at all times. A very remarkable detail was the fact of having a small private space in the operating room, as they call it "your little room", in which You have a very comfortable chair, a place to leave your belongings, surgical pajamas to change into and in which they serve you food (very delicious by the way) and during that break you have total privacy.

In addition, the price includes a complete post-operative care kit and a hotel stay (with breakfast and the possibility of bringing a companion) on the same street as the clinic. I must say that the hotel is very good, in it I was able to rest wonderfully well and the next day you are a 3-minute walk from the clinic for the first check-up and washing.
I really plan to recommend it to all my acquaintances.

David Fernandez Alvarez

My experience in hospital capilar From the beginning to the end it has been a 10, they have a very humane and close team, they helped me at all times and explained the entire process to me. Thanks to Nuria and Dr. Leone and the rest of the great team. Undoubtedly the best hair clinic in Madrid.

Sergio Martin Herrero

First of all, say that I do not have any kind of employment or professional relationship with the clinic, I am posting this review to help all those who want to have a hair transplant and have doubts about which one can...

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be a good option.
I had the implant done on March 2 at the Madrid clinic and the summary I can make so far is that everything has been 10. The contacts began with Alejandra, she explained everything very well, she let me make my decision, without stress, without aggressive offers. Of course, when I said that I was a police officer, I was surprised when they informed me that thanks to an agreement with a police confederation that extends to all the police forces in Spain, I was able to take advantage of a good offer.
The clinic is very good, the treatment is ideal by all the professionals, they make you feel very comfortable and comfortable.
In my case, the initial assessment that they made me in the previous weeks, anticipated an implantation of between 3000 and 3500 follicular units and finally it was 3200, so contrary to what I have read from other clinics, it complied with the assessment.
The intervention went very well, doctors, surgeons and other health personnel participate who radiate professionalism at all times, you have TV, music, food...
The postoperative period without problems for the moment, following all the medical indications, everything is going perfectly.
The hotel included in the price is a 30-second walk from the clinic and is very good, good breakfasts and nice rooms.
It is a clinic that I will recommend to my acquaintances.

life trunk

Highly recommended and super nice people proud to have done it for me in hospital capilar

tapy garcia

An unbeatable treatment, human and professional quality. I personally had surgery at the Pontevedra clinic. Recommendation 1000x1000. Very satisfactory results. Attention and monitoring of 1st. My adviser Mr. Ferrán, more than thank you enormously for his disposition and professionalism at all times. Thank you!!!!!!

Jose Luis Gallego Garcia

Great professionals, exquisite treatment, a great experience, I am very happy, I recommend the clinic to everyone.


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