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June 7th, 2024

Organic Shampoos: What Are They Really?

In general, we tend to be more and more in favor of using natural products that are beneficial for both our health and the environment. When it comes to our hair health, those known as organic shampoos are the order of the day. But what are these organic shampoos actually? What benefits do they have for hair?

In the blog de Hospital Capilar, hair clinic in Spain with offices in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you what you need to know about organic shampoos. Next!

What are organic shampoos?

We understand organic shampoos as those products aimed at hair care and cleaning with ingredients of natural origin. That is, in their formulas we do not find chemicals such as silicones, sulfates or parabens, while the rest of the hair products usually contain them. On the contrary, organic shampoos take advantage of the natural properties of plants and plant active ingredients without incorporating chemicals.

On the other hand, these organic shampoos they are also usually eco-friendly, so in addition to being beneficial for the health of the hair, they also contribute to caring for the environment.

Benefits of using organic shampoos

Many people have already decided to switch to organic shampoos for the benefits they bring. Of course, it should be noted that at first after using these natural products we can experience greater dryness in the hair. This is because the hair is "detoxifying" chemicals like parabens or silicones. Once the hair gets used to organic shampoos, it is normal to notice a great improvement in the quality of the hair fiber.

shinier hair

One of the most notable advantages of using organic shampoos is that the hair will be much shinier. We can even space out the washes to stay clean for longer.

You avoid the use of chemicals

Although the chemicals used in most hair care products are authorized and do not pose a health risk in any way, many people prefer to do without them. In these cases, organic shampoos are the best ally to carry out a hair care routine without resorting to chemicals.

Improves hair structure

The hair structure improves with the use of natural products, especially those aimed at nourishing and moisturizing the hair. The immediate consequence of this will be greater softness and shine, considerably reducing the porosity of the hair.

It is advisable to choose an organic shampoo that is specific for our hair type, since in this way we will obtain a better aesthetic result.

Aid to the environment

The last of the benefits of organic shampoos, but not least, is that it is eco-friendly. Purchasing and using products that are environmentally friendly is very important. In addition, they are also usually vegan, that is, they do not experiment on animals. In any case, we must pay attention to the labels of the containers. 

Is chamomile beneficial for hair?

Do organic shampoos prevent hair loss?

Organic hair products are a good resource to take care of our hair health, making it visibly healthier. However, one of the most frequent problems is hair loss and, in this sense, can organic shampoos prevent or reduce hair loss?

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. organic hair loss shampoos can help us to improve seasonal hair loss or by Stress. This is because they contain ingredients of natural origin to which anti-loss properties are attributed, such as rosemary or turmeric.

How to act in case of acute hair loss

As we have previously mentioned, organic anti-hair loss shampoos contribute to the proper functioning of the scalp by reducing hair loss. However, when hair loss is acute or more intense accompanied by lack of density or areas without hair, these anti-loss products are not enough.

Go to an expert hair clinic

The first thing that is important to do is go to an expert hair clinic to receive a medical diagnosis. In this way we can know if we are facing a type of alopecia or it is a temporary hair loss. In Hospital Capilar the first medical diagnosis is completely free.

Medical hair treatments

If treatment is required, the medical team can recommend effective methods that stop hair loss and promote hair regeneration. In Hospital Capilar we have the Hair Redensification Treatment and the Capillary Regeneration Treatment, both aimed at treating hair loss, stimulating hair growth and thickening the stem.

Bald spots? Recover hair with hair transplant

When it is an alopecia that is causing hairless areas, the only way to see ourselves with hair again is with the hair graft. The medical hair treatments they stop the fall and improve the quality of the hair that has not fallen, but once the destruction of the hair follicle occurs, it will not grow back naturally.

Hair grafting is a simple, outpatient and minimally invasive intervention through which the necessary follicles are extracted from the area that is not affected by alopecia to implant them in areas without hair. The results of this intervention are given a year after the surgery, although the first changes can be seen already at 6 months.

Capillary graft with FUE technique in Hospital Capilar

Take care of your hair in Hospital Capilar

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