Sanitary placing the tape after hair transplantation to a patient
June 15th, 2023

Why is a tape placed after hair grafting?

When the hair implant surgery is finished, the patient can return to his home or hotel with total normality. Of course, before leaving, the health team places an underpad covering the donor area, as well as a somewhat tight tape around the head. Why is a tape placed after hair grafting? It's really necessary? What is it for?

From Hospital Capilar, an expert clinic in hair grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we solve all your doubts about why a tape is placed after hair grafting. Next!

Is it necessary to place the tape after the capillary implant?

When asked why a tape is placed after hair grafting, it is mainly to control the fluids that are administered during surgery. In this sense, yes its use is necessary and essential since, in this way, possible inflammations and discomforts are avoided.

The serum that has been administered during surgery in order to separate the scalp from the skull to facilitate removal and implantation, is eliminated naturally by the body through the lymphatic system. This process occurs during the first hours after the intervention and, if we do not place the tape, that liquid can cause certain complications.

Why is a tape placed after a hair transplant? For these two reasons.

Avoid swelling of the face

The main function of placing the tape around the head when leaving the surgery is to avoid swelling of the face. As we have commented previously, the lymphatic system eliminates the serum supplied during the intervention and ends up being expelled through the urine. During this process, and especially in the first hours, the liquid that is in the head goes down and what is achieved precisely with the tape is that it does not go to the face. In case the serum goes down to the face we could experience swelling, discomfort and even bruising.

In short, when asked why a tape is placed after the hair transplant, it is precisely so that the serum does not go down the face or the back of the eyes, causing inflammation.

Facilitate whey removal

In addition to preventing swelling, the tape facilitates the elimination of serum, avoiding unwanted inflammation. Our lymphatic system is in charge of this, which works as a drainage collecting waste from the interstitial matrix reaching the circulatory system to subsequently eliminate it through urine.   

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Other issues to take into account when leaving the capillary graft

Not only must we be clear about certain issues such as why a tape is placed after the hair graft, but it is also important to know the postoperative indications that we must carry out when leaving a capillary implant. Although the capillary graft is an outpatient surgery in which at the end we can return home normally, it is essential to comply with all postoperative regulations, especially during the first days.

Next, we will tell you what you should do once the surgery is finished to avoid complications that affect the aesthetic results.  

Do not touch or lower your head

It is important do not touch or manipulate the graft area, as they could become detached or infected, nor the donor area. You must also avoid bending your head so that blood pressure does not increase in the area, since the grafts could be seriously damaged.

Sleep with the cervical cushion

En Hospital Capilar We provide you with, among other things, the cervical cushion which is important to use to sleep for at least the first 10 nights. The proper way to do it is in a semi-incorporated position with the cushion, in this way we avoid inflammation and the grafts from rubbing.

Go to the 24-hour cure

The day after the capillary graft in Hospital Capilar, it is essential to go to the care correspondent. In it, the medical team disinfects and washes both the donor and recipient areas, and controls the general condition of the scalp. In addition, it is from this moment when you have to wash the area of ​​the grafts daily at home, so you will receive the instructions to be able to do it correctly.

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