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Hair graft clinics in Murcia: How to choose?

Thinking of a hair implant in Murcia and you don't know where to go? It is normal for this to happen. With the boom in capillary micrografts, there are many clinics that offer this type of service. Choosing one or the other depends on many factors that it is important to take into account in order, in the end, to obtain the expected results. Would you know what to assess to choose among all the hair transplant clinics in Murcia? We give you the keys!

More and more men and women opt for this intervention to put an end to baldness. The truth is that alopecia is a very common capillary pathology but that today has a solution thanks to the advancement of technologies in the capillary medicine sector. Account of this is the large number of hair transplant clinics that we can find today in Spain. It is clear that it is no longer necessary to go to Turkey in search of recovering our hair, but how to choose among the clinics that are closest to us? Continue reading!

What to take into account to choose between the hair transplant clinics in Murcia?

There are many hair transplant clinics in Murcia to which we can go to undergo this intervention and be able to put an end to alopecia. It is very important to know which of them to choose since our experience during the treatment will depend on it, as well as the results we obtain.

The current boom in hair clinics causes us to be assailed by innumerable doubts. For this reason, below we will tell you some of the aspects that it is advisable to take into account to opt for one of the many hair transplant clinics in Murcia.

Quality and experience of the medical team

One of the most important issues to look at is the medical team that will be in charge of the surgery. This is because, for the most part, the success of the results will depend on the good practice of the surgeon.

Un experienced and highly qualified medical team is key in these cases. Although hair grafting is a minimally invasive outpatient surgery, a doctor must be in charge of it. The use of anesthesia, the making of incisions, or the trichological study They are parts of the intervention that must be performed and supervised by an expert surgeon in the field of capillary medicine.

How they perform the intervention

Several types of hair graft with which to recover lost hair. Knowing what technique they use in each clinic is also important. In the past, the FUSS technique was most often chosen, although Today the FUE technique is, without a doubt, the most used, mainly due to the natural results it offers..

learn about how is the intervention, as well as the protocols carried out in each clinic to take care of the patient's health, is highly recommended. Feeling safe, comfortable and in good hands is essential to have a good experience in a hair clinic. 

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Knowing the facilities and equipment of each of the hair transplant clinics in Murcia is also important. A careful, clean environment, with the best technologies in the sector will make your surgery much more bearable and safe.

Prices and payment facilities

Hair grafting involves, in most cases, an economic effort. The different hair transplant clinics in Murcia offer surgery at relatively similar prices. In these cases, what could be assessed is the facility that each one has with respect to payment, such as the possibility and financing conditions.

What does hair transplant surgery include?

The capillary graft is not just the intervention and that's it. The process has a total duration of one year in which at least medical check-ups must be carried out. In addition, patients who undergo this surgery often need to follow another series of complementary treatments so that the evolution of the graft is as favorable as possible.

Knowing what services the surgery includes is also another factor to take into account, both to assess the price and a correct control of the results.

Postoperative follow-up

Once the patient leaves the intervention, the postoperative of a hair graft. During this process many doubts usually arise and it is also important that the hair clinic has easy and direct contact with the professionals to resolve them.

In addition, and as we mentioned before, keeping track of the evolution of the grafts is essential. For this, you should go to a consultation so that the medical team assesses each case and, in addition, the pertinent cures are carried out to avoid possible complications.

Reviews and real patient cases

It is evident that what worries us the most before, during and after the hair transplant are the results that we will obtain after a year. To learn about the work of the different hair transplant clinics in Murcia, we can see reviews and cases of real patients from each of them. Just do a quick search on the internet and we will find different experiences of other people who have already been through those clinics.

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