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March 22th 2024

Does chlorine affect the result of a hair transplant?

The summer season is usually the season chosen by many people for their hair transplant, mainly because of the holidays, since they take advantage of their break to undergo the intervention. If we decide to opt for hair grafting in summer, or in any season of the year, It is very important to follow all medical indications to avoid possible complications.. One of the most frequent doubts during this time is whether chlorine affects the result of a hair implant or if, on the contrary, we have nothing to worry about.

In the blog de Hospital Capilar, specialists in hair grafting in Madrid, with our flagship, Murcia and Pontevedra, we give you the answer below.

How does chlorine influence the result of a hair implant?

One of the main postoperative rules that medical team of Hospital Capilar emphasizes during the summer season is that we can not swim in the pool after a hair transplant. There are several reasons why it is not advisable, among which is that chlorine affects the result of a hair transplant.

If we submerge our head in a pool, the water and chlorine it contains harms the health of the grafts. This is because chlorine affects the result of a hair implant, according to our doctors, drying out the scalp excessively and causing irritations and even infections both in the recipient area where the follicular units have been implanted and in the donor area.

We must not forget that, when leaving hair surgery, the scalp is sensitive and in the process of healing. Contact with substances such as chlorine, seawater or dust can jeopardize the normal evolution of the capillary implant. The development of a dermatitis or a folliculitis are some examples of how chlorine affects the result of a hair implant. It is from the month of the intervention when we will be able to swim in the pool without any inconvenience.

Other issues to consider about a hair graft in summer

Un hair graft in summer It is just as viable as at any time of the year, but it is true that we must be much more cautious with postoperative regulations related to the sun, the beach, the pool or sweating. It is very important to follow all medical recommendations to achieve the expected results. 

Thermal spray after a hair transplant

avoid the beach

In the same way that it is not advisable to go to the pool, it is also not advisable to go to the beach after a hair transplant. This is because seawater, sun and sand are elements that are harmful to the scalp in the first weeks after the intervention. Of course, once the first month has elapsed we can enjoy the beach without any problem.

Do not expose ourselves to the sun

The sun must be avoided completely even after the first month after surgery. It is important to avoid direct sun exposure until the scalp stops being red, or until our medical team so determines, otherwise it may affect the aesthetics of the results.

If we get too much sun, the scalp can become hyperpigmented as it is in the process of healing, leaving dark spots. It is for this reason that we must avoiding the sun after a hair transplant.

Do not play sports and avoid excessive sweating

In the same way that chlorine affects the result of a hair transplant, so does sweat. Excessive sweating can cause certain setbacks such as folliculitis.

Moreover, the sport we must stop practicing it for at least the first month. This is due, in addition to avoiding sweat, to not exert pressure on the head that could compromise the grafts.

Don't wear a cap

Another of the most frequent doubts is whether it can be wear a cap after a hair transplant. The truth is that no, at least during the first ten days and, after this time, the cap or hat must be very loose and without touching the area of ​​​​the grafts. Otherwise, we will not be able to use it until the first month after surgery has elapsed.

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