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29th September 2021

How to care for your hair in autumn? On Hospital Capilar we will tell you

As many of you will know, the seasonal changes cause our hair to be susceptible to further fall. That's when a lot of people wonder how to care for hair in autumn

Autumn is the time of year to which this telogen effluvium is most attributed and from Hospital Capilar we want to tell you a little more about this topic.

What is the seasonal drop?

How does autumn affect our hair?

If autumn is already a time when our hair falls out more than normal, the presence of stressors such as Covid 19 can further accentuate this fall.

There is a specific reason for this fall

The reason why the autumn season causes an accentuation of hair loss is the increase in the telogen phase, which is characterized by being the phase of hair loss and renewal.

Other factors that influence hair loss in autumn

Other factors that influence hair loss in autumn are:

  • Hormonal changes associated with changes in hours and hours of daily light.
  • Stress caused by the beginning of the post-vacation period.
  • Reflection and consequences of the damage suffered during the summer due to excessive wetting, sun exposure and the like.

What to do to avoid a marked fall of hair in autumn?

Every time this season approaches, we try to find the best way to keep our hair in good condition to ensure that it suffers as little as possible at this time of year.

From Hospital Capilar we want to give you some tips.

Tips for caring for your hair

Cleaning hair is always a good idea

Summer tends to affect especially the ends of our hair, drying them out, opening them and dulling their shine. 

That is why it is recommended to cut those damaged ends so that the hair is in good condition, accompanying it if possible with a hydration treatment that improves nutrition and prevents hair loss.

Take care of your diet

The nutrients that our body absorbs through food are essential to help the health of our hair. 

Vitamin B helps to strengthen our hair, while magnesium and iron help the hair look healthy and shiny. 

In addition, there are foods and food supplements such as brewer's yeast that help us keep our hair healthy. 

Proper hydration is also essential to keep hair nourished and avoid the appearance of brittle hair.

Avoid heat as much as possible to treat your hair

As soon as the temperatures drop we return to the continuous use of dryers and hair straighteners, something that does not favor our hair. Given this, we must remove most of the humidity with a towel and use the dryer for less time and avoid high temperatures. 

Try to avoid stress by all means

One of the main enemies of our hair is stress since it affects us immunologically and favors significant hair loss.

Brush your hair with natural bristle brushes

Natural bristle brushes help maintain healthy hair by increasing circulation and preventing breakage.

Differentiate a seasonal fall from a more serious alopecia problem

During a seasonal hair loss, a great loss of density is not noticed, since after the hair that falls out, it grows back.

However, when a more serious alopecia problem appears, we notice how the hair that falls out no longer comes out with the same intensity. This causes a change in the hair that is obvious both due to loss of density and hair quality. 

It is at this time when we must put ourselves in the hands of professionals to be able to treat this problem as soon as possible, identifying what type of alopecia it is and what is the best way to treat it.

How can we help you in Hospital Capilar?

In addition to offering you a totally free personalized diagnosis, in Hospital Capilar We have non-surgical treatments with which you can help your hair in the change of season, as well as maintain it the rest of the year. 

In addition, if your alopecia problem is greater, you will be in the perfect place to perform a hair graft and recover the hair that you want so much. 

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Adapted hair solutions

En Hospital Capilar We offer maintenance treatments to help your hair health. If you are looking for a solution, do not hesitate to contact us!



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