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June 7th, 2024

How to take care of your hair after the summer: Get your hair back with these 5 steps!

Summer is the favorite season for the vast majority, but it is not so much for our hair health. During the summer season, our hair suffers the consequences of various external agents such as chlorine from swimming pools, sea water or sun exposure. Therefore, it is advisable to know how to care for your hair after the summer to reduce the possible damage caused during the holidays and also prepare it for autumn.

In our blog capillary we give you some tips to take care of your hair after the summer. Experts in hair medicine and hair transplant in Spain, from Hospital Capilar We explain how to show off quality hair.

Steps to take care of hair after summer

Summer vacations are perfect to disconnect and relax, but when we return we must not forget about our hair health. Don't you know very well how to take care of your hair after the summer and prepare it for the fall? Keep these basic tips in mind and minimize the possible damage caused during the summer season.  

Use nourishing hair products

Chlorine, salt, sun or wind dehydrate and dry out hair. This is why after summer we should preferably use nutritious hair products. In this way, we will recover shine and softness, correcting possible damage to the hair fiber.

Applying a mask between one and two times a week is usually highly recommended, and even oil products applied to the ends are also very helpful, especially in the driest and most dehydrated hair.

Don't be afraid to cut your hair

Split ends break with the aesthetics of our hair by generating the feeling of dryness, lack of shine and porosity. During the summer the hair tends to be more damaged, and split ends are proof of this. The best thing in these cases is to clean up the mane by cutting the hair. In this way we will obtain hair that is much easier to untangle, of better quality and visibly healthier.

Do you have highlights or dye? Correct the tone!

If we have dyed or dyed hair, it is very common for the color to be damaged. Chlorine, the sea and the sun are capable of changing the tone of the hair, so after the summer it is advisable to return to our usual hairdresser or beauty salon to return to the color that best suits us. There is no need to be afraid of dyeing again, since it is not true that dyeing your hair causes alopecia. In addition, recovering the desired tone our hair will look much better.

Take care of the food

Following a balanced diet is essential to take care of our hair health, to the point that a poor diet can cause hair loss. To avoid this and show off quality hair, it is important to eat fruits and vegetables daily, and incorporate eggs, nuts, fish and olive oil into our diet.

We can also use food supplements that contain zinc, biotin, vitamins and copper. Of course, in no case should they be used as an isolated treatment in the event of a acute telogen effluvium or a alopecia

Hair Redensification Treatment en Hospital Capilar

Prevents hair loss

After the holidays we can experience hair loss for various reasons, such as post-holiday depression, Stress or the seasonal fall with the beginning of autumn. If you already notice that we are losing a lot of hair every day, it is preferable to consult a specialized hair clinic to receive a medical diagnosis. This way we will know if it is a transient telogen effluvium, as usually happens with the covid19, or if on the contrary we are suffering the first effects of a type of alopecia.

En Hospital Capilar, an expert clinic in hair grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we also have hair treatments effective in curbing hair loss and promoting its growth. For this, it is essential that the medical team assess each case in particular and determine which of them is the best.

Capillary Regeneration Treatment

El Capillary Regeneration Treatment, or CRT, is a hair treatment aimed at promote hair regeneration and stop hair loss. This is achieved by subdermal injection of plasma, which contains rich growth factors, obtained from the patient's own blood.

Hair Redensification Treatment

El Hair Redensification Treatment, or HRT, consists of pharmacomesotherapy adapted to the patient. Through the use of drugs and vitamin cocktails, hair loss is treated and the hair is thickened, thus obtaining better quality hair.

Hair mesotherapy in Spain

Do you notice hair loss? Come to Hospital Capilar

In the face of acute hair loss, it is important to treat it in time to reverse its effects and avoid a greater visual impact. In Hospital Capilar You will find an expert medical team that will answer your questions and diagnose your particular case. The first diagnosis is free!