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June 9th, 2023

How to shape the beard correctly in 4 easy steps

One of the keys to showing off a quality beard is precisely knowing how to shape your beard correctly. In addition to taking care of it with specific beard products, it is important to trim it and harmonize the shape by properly profiling it. In this way we obtain a much more careful and aesthetic appearance.

From Hospital Capilar, an expert clinic in beard grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we give you the keys to know how to shape your beard correctly in a few simple steps.

What is meant by shaping the beard?

The first thing is to know what we mean when we talk about shaping the beard. Basically, it is about marking and shaping the beard, delimiting the areas where the hair must be trimmed or shaved. It is a fundamental step during shaving, especially in cases of very dense beards, which requires some precision to do it properly.

How to shape the beard correctly

Knowing how to outline the beard correctly is key to obtaining the best possible result and showing off the design that we like the most. The frequency with which it is advisable to proceed with beard shaping depends on each person depending on how fast facial hair grows. At the moment in which the hair breaks with the shape of the beard that we like, it is advisable to apply these tips to know how to outline the beard correctly.

Delimit the areas of the beard to outline

The first step, especially in less skilled people, is to identify and define the areas of the face where it is necessary to outline the beard to obtain the shape we want. It is advisable to mainly define a line that delimits the area of ​​the cheeks, although not in all cases, and another on the neck.

How to profile the beard correctly implies knowing the design and shape of the beard that we prefer to precisely delimit the areas where it is essential to shave. As for the cheek area, it is not necessary in all cases, it will depend on the amount of hair that grows in that area. On the contrary, the neck is necessary in most cases. For this, it is recommended curve the line that marks the limit of the neck so that the profile is more natural.

Use a headless razor for cheeks

To contour the cheeks with greater precision, it is advisable to use a razor without a head, since a much more defined result will be achieved. To outline the beard in the area of ​​the cheeks, it is enough to approach the razor oriented in such a way that only one of the ends of the razor is shaved. We pass it smoothly through the previously marked limits.

Use neck blade

To know how to properly outline the beard around the neck area, in this case it is preferable to do it with a blade and shaving foam rather than with a shaving machine. It is advisable to start shaving from the Adam's apple downwards, since in this way we can more easily intuit the limits that mark where the beard is and where there should be no hair. At this point, the hair is shaved from the central area to the sideburns, respecting the natural curve of the jaw.

Moisturizes the skin when finishing shaping the beard

When the beard has been outlined, it is essential to hydrate the skin where we have shaved. It is common for the skin to dry out and even become irritated, so we must resort to specific beard products to hydrate the skin of the area and keep it in the best condition.

How to wear a dense and healthy beard?

After knowing how to shape the beard correctly, it is also advisable to know how to care for it correctly. With only the profile we will not be able to show off a healthy beard, so it is also necessary to know how to care for your beard properly.

Follow a beard grooming routine

In the same way that we dedicate time to comply with our hair care routine, it is important to do the same with our beards. Following specific beard care will make it look better, especially in thicker and more dense beards.

Use specific beard products

In order for the beard care routine to be optimal and to achieve the best results, it is recommended to use specific products for beards. These are specifically formulated to care for beard hair, as well as facial skin.

Correct bald spots in the beard with a beard graft

One of the most common factors that prevent a dense beard from showing off is the appearance of bald spots in the beard or, directly, the lack of facial hair growth. Nowadays this has a solution with the beard graft with FUE technique.

The FUE beard implant is an ambulatory, minimally invasive surgery, through which the follicles are extracted from the lower area of ​​the patient's neck and implanted in the areas of the beard to be covered, respecting the design chosen by the patient. The results of the beard graft are definitive after the first year after the intervention, although the first changes can be seen after 6 months.

Benefits of CRT on the beard

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