Woman in autumn dropping leaves from trees
June 15th, 2023

How to prepare hair for fall: The best tips!

Autumn is approaching and it is time to prepare the hair for this season. The drop in temperatures, the effects of summer, the hair loss characteristic of autumn, as well as the arrival of storms can cause our hair to lose quality. To avoid these consequences on our hair health as much as possible, it is recommended that you know how to prepare your hair for autumn.

En Hospital Capilar, hair clinic in Spain expert in hair grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you how to prepare your hair for fall in a few simple steps. Take note!

4 tips to prepare your hair for fall

Following a good hair care routine is key to showing off healthy hair and in the best condition. That yes, it is necessary to take into account the different needs that the hair presents in each season, for example in the hair care routine in summer it is essential to use sunscreens, among others.

Autumn is a season that is characterized by lower temperatures, the arrival of storms and, above all, by the telogen effluvium typical of this season. During the fall, a greater number of cases of reversible hair loss are reported, which usually accompanies a loss of density. To avoid or minimize the possible consequences of this, we tell you how to prepare your hair for autumn.

Use nourishing hair products  

We must not forget that summer wreaks havoc on our hair. The excess of salt, chlorine and sun cause the imminent dehydration of the hair. This is why we must treat the hair fiber as much as possible before autumn arrives. To do this, it is advisable to resort to intensely nourishing hair products.

Applying a mask once or twice a week will help us moisturize the hair. Hair serums can also be of great help if we apply them daily from the middle to the ends.

Back to the dryer, but also to thermal protectors

Temperatures drop and, consequently, we return to the dryer and irons. Do not forget to use thermal protectors beforehand, since in this way we will protect the capillary structure from the aggressions caused by heat sources.

Get ahead of seasonal hair loss

As we have commented previously, the so-called seasonal fall is more frequent and during the months after the summer. Mainly this is due to the hair's own life cycle in which a large part of the hair follicles enter the telogen phase and the stem falls, but the hair will grow back normally since the follicular unit remains intact. The situation changes when we appreciate that this hair loss accompanies

To reduce hair loss and prepare it for the arrival of autumn, you have to take care of it both inside and out.

Hair loss products

To stimulate the proper functioning of the scalp and achieve the strengthening of the follicles, we recommend using anti-loss hair products on a regular basis. In Hospital Capilar Shop you can find our anti-loss hair treatments made with ingredients of natural origin and dermatologically tested.

Medical hair treatments

Anti-hair loss products are effective, but when hair loss is pronounced, they must be complemented with medical treatments. In our hair clinics in Spain we have hair treatments aimed at stopping hair loss and promoting its growth, specifically the Capillary Regeneration Treatment and the Hair Redensification Treatment.

On one hand, the Capillary Regeneration Treatment promotes hair regeneration and helps reduce the effects of a telogen effluvium thanks to the rich growth factors that are extracted from the patient's own blood. Meanwhile he Hair Redensification Treatment It consists of capillary mesotherapy and the use of drugs adapted to each patient, managing to treat the most intense hair loss typical of alopecia from the root.

Eat a balanced diet

Food is key to showing off beautiful hair at any time of the year. Even certain types of food also help stop hair loss. This is why it is crucial to follow a balanced diet where we incorporate fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs and nuts, and our hair will appreciate it.

Hair mesotherapy in Spain

Take care of your hair in depth with our hair treatments

En Hospital Capilar We have a team of medical professionals who will study your case to recommend the best treatment. Request information, obtain your medical diagnosis at no cost and start taking care of your hair in expert hands. We will be happy to assist you!