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19th October 2021

How to protect hair from the dryer

The cold comes and we are no longer seduced by the idea of ​​going outside with wet hair. This is when we re-incorporate dryers into our styling routines. But, Do you know how to protect hair from the dryer? En Hospital Capilar We tell you everything you need to know about how to take care of your hair from this heat source.

How does the dryer affect the hair?

On many occasions, to achieve the perfect hairstyle we resort to heat sources such as the hairdryer. The truth is these types of devices can damage our hair if we make excessive use of them.

Using the hair dryer without adequate protection can make our hair in worse condition since the hair fiber is damaged. The direct consequence is that the hair can become more brittle and dehydrated.

How to protect hair from the dryer?

To achieve certain hairstyles or in times when temperatures are lower, it is difficult for us not to use the dryer almost daily. For this reason, knowing how to protect hair from the dryer is key so that our hair health is not affected by the use of heat sources.

Currently there is a wide variety of products that protect hair from dryers, irons and tweezers. These are known as thermal protectors and its use is highly recommended so that the hair fiber is not affected by the hair dryer.

Thermal protectors are in high demand and we can find them in different formats such as sprays, creams, conditioners, masks or oils. The Spanish brand of cosmetic products Tahe offers a wide variety of these thermal protectors so that the hair is in optimal condition. 

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How to use the dryer correctly

In order to reduce the negative effects that the dryer has on the hair, it is important to know how to make good use of the dryer.

Be careful with the temperature

Hair dryers often include the option to choose the air temperature. In this way, we can dry our hair with cold air or increase the degrees.

Ideally, the dryer does not exceed 180 degrees. In this way we will avoid dehydration of the hair by preventing the keratin present in the hair from melting.

Save the distances

To reduce hair damage, it is recommended use the dryer with a distance of thirty centimeters.

How to use thermal protectors correctly

To protect the hair from the dryer, it is essential to know how to apply thermal protectors correctly.

Depending on the format and product in question, it can be used in one way or another. However, below we will tell you the keys to get the best out of thermal protectors.

Dividing hair

The first thing to do when using protective products is to divide your hair when you have long hair. This allows the product does not stay in the superficial layers of the hair, but to achieve greater penetration.

Apply the product

Once the hair is divided, the product is applied evenly and distributed throughout the hair middle to ends. The ends should be emphasized since it is the part of the hair that tends to dehydrate the most with the use of the dryer or irons.

Dry hair

When the product has been evenly distributed throughout the hair, proceed to the usual drying.

These simple steps minimize the negative effects of the dryer on your hair. 

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Can you use the hair dryer after a hair transplant?

When we perform a hair graft we tend to be assaulted by many doubts in relation to postoperative of a hair graft. Among them is the use of the hair dryer after a hair graft, can we use it?

The answer is no. We will not be able to use the hair dryer after a hair graft until thirty days after the surgery.. This is important to comply with since, otherwise, the survival of the grafts would be put at risk.

Thermal protectors and hair graft: Are they compatible?

After undergoing a hair graft, it is really important to comply with all medical recommendations.

At the end of the intervention, the postoperative process begins in which we are more limited when it comes to using usual routine products. In this sense, thermal protectors are not compatible in a hair graft as they cannot be used postoperatively. However, once the established deadline is met, they can be incorporated into the hairstyle routine.

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