Food supplements for hair loss
5th October 2023

Food supplements for hair loss: which ones are effective?

Resorting to the consumption of capsules for hair loss is a measure that many people have adopted today to take care of their hair health. Today, many cosmetic and nutrition brands make this type of food supplement for hair loss. Its consumption is beneficial for taking care of the hair, but to what extent do they treat hair loss? Can food supplements prevent alopecia or treat it?

From Hospital Capilar, an expert clinic in medicine and hair surgery in Spain, we tell you to what extent food supplements are recommended for hair loss and, in any case, which ones are the most effective.

What food supplements are effective for hair loss?

Before knowing how effective food supplements are for hair loss, it is convenient to know how the hair capillary cycle works. Hair is born and grows from small organs found inside the scalp called Hair follicles. A hair follicle can contain up to 5 hairs, and all have their own Lifecycle where the hair is born, grows and ends up shedding. This is why our hair falls out every day, the usual thing is that they are 100 hairs per day under normal conditions.

These hair follicles need a series of nutrients to function properly. When a balanced diet is not followed and there is a nutritional deficit, a hair loss due to poor diet en forma de telogen effluvium, Most of the time. In other words, diet is very important to take care of hair and, in this sense, food supplements can help to maintain healthy and quality hair, and prevent hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies.

Normally food supplements for hair loss are made from vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. Below we show you which are the most effective components to strengthen hair and reduce its fall.

Vitamin supplements

Among the main vitamins that it is preferable to consume to keep hair healthy, strengthen it and prevent hair loss is vitamin C, since it helps in the synthesis of collagen. B group vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5 and B12 are also effective in promoting hair growth, improving blood circulation and strengthening hair.

On the other hand, vitamin A is also beneficial for caring for hair since, thanks to its antioxidant action, it contributes to proper sebum production and hair growth.

mineral supplements

Minerals are also an important part that we must incorporate into our daily diet to help stop hair loss. In this sense, food supplements that contain silicon, magnesium, zinc, biotin and iron are beneficial for achieving proper functioning of hair follicles.

Supplements with plant extracts

Include plant extracts such as beer yeast or essential oils will improve blood circulation, facilitating the arrival of nutrients to the hair follicles. 

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Do food supplements treat alopecia?

Food supplements for hair loss are beneficial for proper hair maintenance and deep care. Therefore, they help keep the scalp and hair in optimal health conditions, but, according to doctors from Hospital Capilar, They cannot be considered as the only and isolated treatment in cases of alopecia or acute hair loss.. These food supplements should be taken as an aid or extra to keep the hair in good condition as a complement to other hair treatments that are effective in treating hair loss. alopecia.

In cases in which the hair falls out excessively, there is a loss of density and even bald areas appear, it is essential to go to a hair clinic in Spain to start with the most optimal treatment in each case, based on a medical diagnosis.

oral drugs

Oral drugs are widely used, especially in cases of alopecia of hormonal origin, such as androgenetic alopecia which is the most common of all. The most widely used are antiandrogens, such as Finasteride, to stop hair loss due to hormonal alteration, and vasodilators, such as Minoxidil, to thicken the hair and keep it in the best condition.

Hair mesotherapy

Furthermore, the hair mesotherapy It is a highly effective hair treatment to treat alopecia and some telogen effluvia. Thanks to the combination of adapted drugs with vitamins infiltrated into the scalp, it is possible to stop hair loss, replace the consumption of oral drugs and promote hair growth.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma, or Hair PRP, is an effective hair regeneration treatment to stop hair loss, strengthen it from the inside and encourage its growth. It consists of extracting blood from the patient and subjecting it to a centrifugation process, thus managing to separate the platelets from the rest of the blood components. This platelet-enriched plasma contains Growth Factors: Stimulating Hair Growth which, infiltrated into the scalp through microinjections, promote tissue regeneration, stop hair loss and improve hair quality.

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En Hospital Capilar we take care of your hair

Receiving a good medical diagnosis on time is key to ending alopecia before the visual impact is greater. In Hospital Capilar you will find an expert medical team that will assess your case in a personalized way. Request your diagnosis at no cost and put yourself in good hands!