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13th October 2021

Can you drive after a hair transplant?

Hair grafting is an outpatient intervention that does not require hospitalization. In this sense, at the end of the surgery the patient returns to his home or hotel with total normality. This usually raises some questions such as whether can you drive after a hair transplant. Then we solve all your doubts!

Is it possible to drive after a hair transplant?

As we have commented, the person who undergoes a hair implant is not admitted. Although this represents a substantial advantage, the truth is that a series of recommendations must be followed to avoid possible complications during the procedure. postoperative of a hair graft.

It must be taken into account that in order for the hair graft to be as comfortable as possible and for the patient to have no discomfort during surgery, local anesthesia and superficial sedation are used. Although the side effects are not of the same magnitude as those that can be caused by the general, all medical recommendations must be followed. Among them is driving.

Our medical equipment establishes that It is not advisable to drive after a hair transplant since sedation and anesthesia can interfere with our reflexes.. Therefore, hair transplantation and conduction are incompatible on the day of surgery. 

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What should be taken into account when leaving the hair graft intervention?

Driving after a hair transplant is not the only thing to consider when leaving the intervention. As we have previously mentioned, it is necessary to comply with all the recommendations given by the medical team to minimize complications.

don't touch the head

When leaving the surgery you can have certain discomfort both in the donor area and in the recipient area. However, it is very important do not manipulate or touch the head since we can put the survival of the grafts at risk.

caution when sleeping

Just like you can't drive after a hair transplant, you can't sleep as usual either.

It is necessary, at least for ten days, sleep semi incorporated using the cervical pillow that we give in Hospital Capilar. 

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taking medication

You also have to take the medication prescribed by the medical team. This is very important to guarantee a correct evolution of the postoperative period of a hair graft.

In addition, it is important to know that certain drugs can interfere with the recovery of a hair implant. For this reason, it is essential to inform the medical team of any other medication that was previously taken.

Tenderness in the head

As a result of the administration of local anesthesia, sensitivity is lost in the head area. This has a direct impact on the calculation of distances, so when leaving the intervention, you have to take special care not to hit our heads.

Your doubts resolved in Hospital Capilar

In this article we have focused primarily on some of the issues that are usually raised when leaving a hair graft. However, we are aware of the doubts that this surgical process raises in its different stages of the process.

Therefore, in Hospital Capilar We have a medical and advisory team specialized in the hair sector that will explain and clarify each and every one of the questions that you may have.

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Your hair graft one step closer

En Hospital Capilar We are aware of the importance of feeling good about yourself and we are here to help you. We have the best medical team to get the results you want. 



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