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7 basic tips to take care of hair

Wearing perfect hair requires certain care to keep it in the best condition. Knowing what habits to incorporate into our care routine and what is best to avoid is key to looking healthy. In it blog de Hospital Capilar, clinic specialized in capillary medicine, we give you 7 basic tips to take care of hair that you could put them into practice today.

Basic tips for caring for hair

On many occasions we can notice that our hair is not in the best condition. Hair loss, dullness, or poor texture can all contribute to unsightly hair. To avoid this type of hair problem, it is important to take into account a series of basic tips for caring for your hair.

Here's what you can do to get the most out of your hair.

1.   Follow a varied and balanced diet

Have you ever heard that we are what we eat? In the capillary field it was not going to be less.

The truth is that proper nutrition is key to caring for hair, in fact there is a close relationship between diet and hair loss. To avoid hair loss we must have a balanced diet with the consumption of legumes, vegetables, fruit, nuts, meat and fish.

2.   Wash hair when necessary

lately there is a fake hair news which ensures that not washing hair for weeks is beneficial for our hair health. Nothing is further from the truth, since the accumulation of dirt, sebum and contamination prevent the proper functioning of the scalp. It is for this reason that we must wash the hair when necessary, depending on whether we have oily hair or not.

The frequency of washing will depend on the particular needs of each hair being able to wash our hair once every 2 or 3 days, or daily if we need it.

3.   Do not abuse hot water

Another of the basic tips to take care of hair that we must take into account is do not rinse hair with excessively hot water. Heat sources such as water, dryers or hair straighteners weaken the hair, making it more fragile and worsening its texture.

It is recommended to rinse the hair with lukewarm or lukewarm water.  

Types of hair that exist

4.   Use specific hair products

Washing the hair when necessary and rinsing it with warm water are beneficial for the hair as long as we combine it with the use of specific products for our hair type.

In cases where we experience hair loss, we can choose to anti-hair loss products with which to strengthen the hair.

5.   brush the hair

Many people think that by brushing our hair we cause it to fall out more intensely. That's not true.

By brushing our hair we stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, in addition to removing traces of dirt and pollution and improving the texture. When we see hairs tangled in the brush, it does not mean that we have caused their fall, but rather that they are hairs that had already been detached due to the hair's own life cycle and, due to movement, they fall.

6.   Avoid stress spikes

In the same way that diet influences hair loss, there is a close relationship between stress and hair loss.

When we experience high levels of stress, it is very common to notice a hair loss of greater intensity. This is due to the imminent increase in cortisol levels, a hormone that in high amounts slows blood circulation, so not enough nutrients reach the hair follicle.

In any case, hair loss due to stress is reversible and will grow back naturally.

7.   Hair maintenance treatments

If we want to give an extra contribution to the hair to encourage its growth and reduce hair loss, we can opt for those known as hair maintenance treatments.

These are medical treatments that require a prior diagnosis. Its effectiveness is proven and opting for one or the other depends on the criteria of the medical team in charge. In Hospital Capilar We have the most effective hair treatments with which to ensure that the hair is in the best conditions.

Capillary Regeneration Treatment

El Capillary Regeneration Treatment, or CRT, is a hair treatment that promotes hair regeneration and reduces hair loss. Plasma with growth factors is obtained by extracting a small amount of blood from the patient. These are applied directly to the scalp through almost painless microinjections, thus treating the problem at its root. 

Hair Redensification Treatment

Furthermore, in Hospital Capilar we have the Hair Redensification Treatment, or HRT. It is a hair treatment aimed at stop hair loss and improve its quality. This is achieved thanks to the direct application of drugs adapted to each patient and vitamins to the scalp.

Case of androgenetic alopecia in women

Your hair health in the best hands

En Hospital Capilar We are experts in medicine and hair surgeries. We have a highly experienced medical team with which to obtain the best aesthetic results. Ask us for information and take the step to change!