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8th September 2021

Tips for caring for hair at home

In cold weather it is normal for us to spend more time indoors than outdoors. In these cases it is interesting to know the tips  to care for hair at home, as they will help us take care of capillary health in a few easy steps.

As they say, care begins at home. A good routine is essential to take care of the hair, and it will help us to cope with any hair problems. 

Although this does not leave aside going to a specialist when necessary, it is a simple way to prevent hair problems from reaching more complicated extremes.

For that reason, we tell you what you can do to fully care for your hair from home. Do not miss it!

Tips for caring for hair at home

What can we do to care for hair at home? Next, we will tell you everything you can do to take care of your hair in every way. Remember that it is important to follow these tips, as well as those indicated by a professional in a personalized way, to take care of your hair health:

Use the right products 

The hair products we use greatly influence how our hair looks. It is very important that we use those that are really going to help our hair type, always paying attention to the needs of each one.

For example, greasy hair is not the same as dry hair, or straight hair than curly hair. We will have to use the right products to really help our hair.

Moisturize hair against the cold

Hydration of the hair: Something essential

Keeping hair well hydrated is essential for good hair health. Hair dehydration causes hair breakage and dryness. For that reason, knowing what we can do to keep hair hydrated will help us in many aspects of the scalp.

Wash your hair as many times as necessary

Many times we hear that washing your hair a lot is bad, or that washing it little is also bad. How much do you have to wash your hair then? The answer is as much as necessary. There is no exact answer, as it depends on each particular case.

We must see how our hair responds, and from there wash as many times as necessary.

The importance of a good rhythm of life

Stress and our diet significantly influence the result of our hair. For that reason, we recommend you take care of both things so that your hair is in the best possible condition.

Take care of your hair outside the home too

Take care of your hair outside the home too

Not only do we have to follow tips to care for hair at home, but it is important that we also take care of hair outside of it. For this we can follow certain routines such as protecting ourselves from the sun with the appropriate products or wearing a cap when necessary.

Avoid false myths about hair

On the Internet we can find many myths about hair. How to know then which are true and which are not? Knowing them and avoiding them is also a way to help our hair to be in its best possible state.

En Hospital Capilar we help you take care of your hair health

Are you looking for a definitive hair solution? Through our free hair diagnosis, our experts will analyze your case in a personalized way to give you the solution that best suits your case and can help you have hair as you have always dreamed of.

We have maintenance treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma and hair mesotherapy. Each of them will help you in a specific way to take care of your hair.

We also use the FUE technique to perform hair grafting, beard and mustache grafting and even eyebrows. In this way, it is possible to redensify the areas where the hair has been lost.

Do you want to check all the possibilities to take care of your hair? We will wait for you!

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Adapted hair solutions

En Hospital Capilar We are specialists in hair and we will be happy to see your case in a personalized way to help you find the best solution. We will wait for you!



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