Design of the crown in a hair graft
July 25, 2023

Why does the hair on the crown take longer to grow after a hair transplant?

When we choose to put an end to baldness by performing a hair implant, it is common for us to have multiple doubts about it. One of the big concerns about this method is how long it will take to see results. It must be taken into account that it is a long process in which we will not see the first changes until after 6 months, and final results a year after the hair transplant. In the case of hair grafted to the crown of the head, it will take longer. But why does the hair on the crown of the head take longer to grow after a hair transplant? 

From Hospital Capilar, Madrid hair clinic, we tell you what are the reasons why the hair on the crown of the head takes longer to grow after a hair transplant compared to the rest of the hair. 

Reasons why the hair on the crown of the head takes longer to grow after a hair transplant

There are some clear factors that explain why the growth of this area is slower. It is important to always be clear about them so as not to worry thinking that the graft has not worked as well as expected and thus live the postoperative in a relaxed way. As we have commented, the definitive results of a hair transplant will be given after the first year of surgery. However, when the crown of the head is intervened, this process lasts up to 18 months. Below we will tell you the main reasons why the hair on the crown of the head takes longer to grow after a hair graft. 

It is the area that suffers the most when we sleep

When we sleep, the area that bears the most pressure against the pillow is the crown of the head. This constant aggression for so many hours affects hair growth to a certain extent, thus slowing down the growth of new hair after the hair implant. 

Less vascularity

That pressure on the area when supporting the head means that the blood supply is not the same as that of the rest of the hair. This means that nutrients do not arrive as efficiently, causing hair to grow at a slower rate. 

Area susceptible to external factors

Factors such as the sun, heat, rain and cold have a greater impact on the crown area as it is more exposed. Although it is not usually the main factor that explains why the crown takes longer to grow after a hair graft, it does delay its growth to a certain extent. 

thicker skin

The truth is that the crown area has thicker skin than the rest of the head. This is why it is difficult for hair to grow at the crown of the head, since it must do so with greater strength and effort, which slows down the final result of the crown after a hair implant. 

Hair growth phases after a hair transplant

After the hair transplant, the new hair that has been implanted goes through different growth phases. It is important to know the hair growth process after the hair transplant to be aware of the times that we will face. 

One month after surgery

During the first days we will notice certain discomfort and we will notice a slight hair growth in the intervened areas. However, around a month that hair that begins to grow will fall out and we will suffer what is known as shock loss. It is a completely normal process in which both our native and grafted hair will fall out. It is a normal reaction of our body after the trauma experienced during hair surgery. The hair that falls will grow back with more strength and quality, since the hair falls but not the hair follicle

Six months after the hair implant

Once six months have passed after surgery, it is very likely that the results obtained will already reach 50% of the final result. There are even cases in which this 50% is reached earlier, everything depends on each patient, since each postoperative period is unique. It is at this moment that we will begin to notice a real change, but we must bear in mind that the other 50% of the results will still remain. 

One year after hair transplant

When a year has passed since the hair graft, the results are practically 100% if we talk about the frontal area of ​​our hair. Although it may even improve in the following months, it is normal that at this point in the postoperative period we see the result of the surgery in all its splendor.

Eighteen months after hair surgery

It is at this moment that we can affirm that the hair graft process has concluded, since the results will already be 100%, taking into account that this is the time it takes to finish the growth of the crown. This is where the medical team assesses the final result of the surgery and discharges the patient. 

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