Haircut after a hair transplant

4th October 2021

How to cut hair after a hair transplant

It is very common that after a hair graft we have doubts about how to cut hair after a hair graft, when it can be done or if it can be dyed again.

For that reason, in this article we solve all the doubts you may have in this regard. Do not miss it!

Will it take a long time for hair to grow back?

A hair graft is a process that requires patience and from which we must expect results in a realistic way. The hair must be rooted in the scalp and this does not happen in a matter of two days. 

We must also take into account the shock loss, telogen effluvium that occurs approximately one month after surgery in which both the grafted and native hair fall out in reaction. 

After this phenomenon, hair grows back. Once this new growth begins, we may already be around two or three months after grafting and the hair will look progressively longer.

Each patient is different and not all scalps respond in the same way, there are cases in which spectacular results can be seen after 5 months, while in others it takes a little longer to reach the optimum moment.

Combing your hair after a hair transplant

When can I get my hair cut again?

The first thing we must bear in mind is that it is the team that must review each step in the postoperative period and they will determine if the hair is suitable for cutting at the hairdresser, since we must wait for the wounds to be healed. 

As a general rule, after three months is when the first haircut after hair grafting. 

How to cut hair after a hair transplant?

In addition to following the recommendations of the medical team, the ideal is to go to a hairdresser in which the team has experience after a hair graft. 

It is preferable not to cut it too close to the scalp and of course do it with scissors, no blade or razor.

For this type of cuts it is necessary to wait about 6 months to allow time for the follicles to be properly grafted to the transplanted area. 

Frequently asked questions after a hair graft

Although in this article we have focused on how to cut hair after a hair graft, we tell you other related frequently asked questions that may arise:

When can I dye my hair?

It is advisable to wait at least 5 or 6 weeks to dye your hair since, as we mentioned before, we must let the scalp heal completely before subjecting it to an attack with these products. 

Doing so before this time could cause damage to the implanted follicles.

Postoperative rules after a hair graft

How can I comb my hair after a hair transplant?

It may sound obvious, but we must comb our hair very carefully after a hair transplant. You should preferably use your hands and do it with very gentle movements that do not cause pulling on the hair, and that after the postoperative time established by the team has passed. 

Also, if the hair is wet it is better to let it dry first. 

Can I shave the donor area?

For this, it is preferable to wait about a month and always under the supervision of the team, who must assess whether the area is suitable for shaving according to how well it is cured. 

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