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August 31st, 2021

Why do scabs appear after a hair graft?

Scabs after a hair graft are something that many / as worries once the first days have passed after the intervention, but they are not at all why we should be alarmed.

These scabs that occur they are totally normal and disappear as the days go by if we take care of them in the way indicated by the medical team and we go to the stipulated cures after the surgery. 

Why do scabs come out after a hair graft?

The main reason why scabs appear after hair graft surgery is that hundreds of incisions are made with the scalpel to perform this intervention to extract the follicular units and to open the area where they will be implanted later. 

This causes some small wounds that need to heal and, as we all know, a wound when healing creates a scab that gradually disappears. 

The good news is that the incisions are so small that the scab that is created after the graft is also very small, which means that they will remain on our scalp for a very short time.

How long do scabs last after a hair graft?

We must be aware that it is very likely that scabs will appear as the days go by after the surgery and for this reason we should not worry or they will harm the result of the hair graft. 

However, It is very important that we do not touch or tear them off. We must follow the care indicated in the clinic once the operation is finished. 

Regarding its duration, our doctors They indicate that there are occasions in which the scabs can last 2 weeks, but the usual thing is that in the 10-day cure our team manages to completely eliminate them.

How are scabs removed after a hair graft?

How are scabs removed after a hair transplant?

The scabs must be treated with the utmost care, as well as the recipient area, in order to prevent any grafted follicular unit from being damaged or torn off, since we would be damaging the results of our surgery.

The clinic will tell you that you should not remove them, just wash the donor and recipient areas as indicated during the 24-hour cure.

The elimination of the scabs will be a task that the patient will carry out at home with supervision and with the advice of the clinic team. If total elimination is not achieved, it will be the clinical team who will carry it out if necessary.

The importance of the 10-day cure

It is very important to go to the 10-day cure so that the medical team in charge of the surgery can assess postoperative progress as well as proceed to the specific washing in which the crusts that have not been eliminated during the previous days are removed; They will be removed, making the scalp clean.

Hair treatments in Hospital Capilar

Treatments that you can find in Hospital Capilar

After hair graft surgery, in Hospital Capilar You can find various treatments that will help your hair recover and enhance its growth.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma consists of a maintenance treatment for hair that helps its regeneration. Extracting blood from the patient himself to keep the part rich in growth factors, helps to strengthen the hair and prevents its miniaturization. For this reason, it is currently one of the most complete treatments to increase the quality of our hair.

HRT or Hair Redensification Treatment

Hair Redensification Treatment, also called HRT, consists of tailored drug therapy dermoinfiltrations into the scalp. In this way, it helps to stop its fall, avoiding miniaturization and improving its condition.
Our specialists will tell you which maintenance treatment is the most adapted for your particular case.

Do not hesitate to ask us for more information if you are interested in everything we can do for you. We are waiting for you to join this adventure. Join the Hair Revolution!

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