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June 28th, 2023

How to care for grafted eyebrows

After undergoing an eyebrow graft, it is essential to know how to care for the grafted eyebrows, not only to achieve the best results, but also to maintain them over time. We must not forget that the eyebrow implant is a surgery that requires postoperative care and, after the postoperative period, also take into account indications to show off impeccable eyebrows.

From Hospital Capilar, an expert clinic in hair surgery in Spain, we tell you how to take care of grafted eyebrows so that you can do it correctly and have no doubts about it.

What to keep in mind to care for grafted eyebrows

Eyebrow alopecia due to excessive hair removal, burns, scars or other types of diseases is very common. Although there are hair simulation techniques such as micropigmentation or microblading that offers good results, is not as natural as the eyebrow graft results. As the person's own hair is implanted to fill in the eyebrows, the results are much more natural and long-lasting, since if proper care is taken, the eyebrow hair will not fall out.

Therefore, it is important to know how to care for the grafted eyebrows after the eyebrow grafting is done. Below we show you the key instructions that you should follow if you undergo or have submitted to a eyebrow transplant.

Go to clinic cures

En Hospital Capilar We carry out exhaustive medical monitoring of patients who have undergone any type of hair surgery. In the case of eyebrow grafting, it is important to go to the clinic the day after the intervention, since the health team performs the 24 hour cure. Another appointment is also made at 10 days where the scabbing and another washing are performed in the clinic. Going to each one of them is essential to disinfect the intervened areas and see the evolution of the eyebrow implant.

Keep eyebrows clean and hydrated

Washing the eyebrows after an eyebrow graft as recommended by the toilets is also very important. The area must be kept clean and hydrated to avoid the development of infections that could compromise the health of the grafts, otherwise the grafted follicles could even detach.

The first days after the eyebrow graft, the foam shampoo without rubbing, only depositing the foam on the eyebrows. To rinse, the hand will be placed between the flow of water and the eyebrows to prevent the jet from directly impacting the intervened area. In addition, we must hydrate the area frequently using the thermal spray, which will calm possible discomfort such as itching or stinging that we may have. It is important to wash daily, in this way we will considerably reduce the development of infections.

Do not pluck eyebrow hair or handle grafts

Around the first week of eyebrow grafting, the scabs. It is essential not to tear them off or manipulate them, since they will fall off on their own and with successive washes. In addition, it is also important not to pull out the hair, which implies epilation. Otherwise, the grafts could be seriously compromised and fall out, causing the result of the eyebrow implant not to be as expected.

Avoid sport during the first weeks

During the first weeks it is important to avoid sweating and exercises that involve exerting pressure, which means not practicing sports during the first month. After fifteen days we can resume a light exercise that does not involve sweating, but it is after a month when we can resume our usual sports routine.

Avoid direct sun exposure

In the same way that sweat damages the grafts, the sun does too. Direct and prolonged sun exposure can cause burns in the operated area, as well as darkening the eyebrows, since they are in the process of healing. Therefore, it is important to avoid the sun during the first months after the eyebrow implant. For this we can use wide hats and caps that do not rub against the eyebrows and protect from the sun.

Do not make up the eyebrows

One of the most frequent questions after an eyebrow graft is when it is possible make them up again. The truth is that we will not be able to use cosmetics or makeup on the eyebrows until at least one month after the intervention. In this way we leave enough time for the area to recover properly and we reduce the possibility of infection in the area. Once this minimum period has elapsed, we can make up the eyebrows as we like.

Do not pluck the eyebrows

Patients who undergo an eyebrow graft mostly have bald spots or lack of density in the eyebrows due to excessive hair removal, although it can also be due to burns or scars. In any case, eyebrows cannot be removed as such with wax or tweezers, as this would compromise the health of the grafts. Instead, you have to trim eyebrows. We must not forget that the hair that is implanted in an eyebrow transplant is from the lower neck area. This has its own different growth rate than eyebrows, so it will grow longer and will need to be trimmed to match.

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