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June 7th, 2021

How to take care of hair in summer; The best tips!

The sun, the beach and the good weather arrive and, with it, it is time to take care of your hair in summer. How do high temperatures affect hair? Will sweating more cause hair to break down? Today we solve all the doubts about it.

We want you to take proper care of your hair in summer, and that is why we have asked our medical team what advice is the best for this season. Next, we tell you what you can do for your hair.

How to care for your hair in summer

Summer is a season where high temperatures, the sea and the pool can end up affecting our hair. For that reason, knowing how to take care of hair in summer will help us to spend this season enjoying it completely without damaging our hair.

Here are the tips that our specialists tell us to take care of ourselves at this station:

Tips for caring for pool hair

Beware of chlorine and sea salt!

Chlorine, mixed with sun exposure, can make our hair drier and break easily. On the other hand, with the sea there are certain effects that are beneficial while others also damage the hair.

For example, in eoily hair helps regulate sebum and makes it softer, but sand and sun can damage the cuticle, affecting the hydration of the hair.

How does this time affect dyed hair?

Dyed hair is the one that is most affected at this time. When the cuticle is damaged, the tone of hair that we had can even be modified. Chlorine and saltpeter can help promote oxidation of the hair, something that is more noticeable with colored hair.

What to do with the swimming cap

Do you want to protect your hair from chlorine? Then the swimming cap is a great ally! If you use them, we recommend the silicone one, perfect for all those with a large volume of hair who do not want it to stick excessively, which will also make it less harmful.

Even so, if we have little hair volume, latex is the most appropriate, as it fits better.

Wash your hair well!

Something that you should also keep in mind about how to take care of your hair in summer is that you have to wash your hair with fresh water after each bath in the pool or in the sea to remove any residue that may accumulate. Always maintain good hair hydration.

Caring for the hair of the sea

Protect yourself from sun exposure

High sun exposure affects the visual state of our hair, by making it less hydrated and elastic. The more we expose ourselves to the sun, the more risk there will be that the hair will break.

Furthermore, the scalp is also affected by the sun; We may notice it irritated, dry and even burned if we do not protect it properly.

Is sweating in summer good for your hair?

Excessive sweating affects the scalpas it can make it drier and dull. For that reason, it is also important to wash your hair often when you notice that sweat is building up.

Cut your hair!

Something highly recommended for before the summer is to cut your hair. This will ensure that the damage that we have from before is not accentuated with the summer, making it survive this summer season in the best possible way.

Be careful with the iron and the dryer!

The high temperatures of the iron and the dryer can damage our hair, which is increased by the summer sun. For that reason, we must avoid its use as much as possible, and accompany it with thermal protectors and good hydration.

Take care of your diet

In general, it is very important to eat well at all times of the year, but in summer we have to pay special attention to a good water intake, with foods such as citrus fruits.

It is also recommended to reduce the consumption of caffeine, since it increases stress and the dehydration that it produces can cause further hair loss.

Take care of your hair in Hospital Capilar

Either to know how to take care of your hair in summer or because you are looking for a extra help for your hair, riding a Hospital Capilar We will be happy to assist you and indicate which hair treatments can help you show off your hair as you have always wanted.

Do you want to show us your case? We will wait for you!

Caring for your hair in summer

Adapted hair solutions

Do you want to give your hair some extra help for this summer? In Hospital Capilar we have adapted hair solutions that will help you take full care of your hair health. Do not hesitate to ask us!



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