Donor area in the 24-hour cure in a hair transplant

June 2th, 2021

24-hour cure in a hair graft: Why is it necessary?

The intervention ends, but then our team reminds you that you must come back the next day. What is this about? It's about the 24-hour cure in a hair graft, and it is very important that we go to this appointment.

Because it is necessary? What will be done this day? In this article we want to give you all the information to solve all your doubts about this moment after the hair transplant.

Why is the 24-hour cure important in a hair transplant?

After the intervention is performed the 24-hour cure in a hair graft. It is very important that we go to this first appointment, since it is the first check-up of all after having undergone the hair transplant.

What steps are carried out in this first cure? Next, we show you why it is important to go to the clinic 24 hours later.

Carrying out the first wash

In this phase, a cure of the donor area is carried out and what will mean the first wash for the patient, an essential part to start the postoperative phase in the best way.

Give the information for the rest of the days

In addition, at this time all the information will be given to the patient on how he should act in the rest of the following days, including how the washes that are going to be carried out later on the scalp should be.

Monitor inflammation and possible complications

Another of the details why the 24-hour cure in a hair graft is important is because it also checks that everything is progressing correctly. Through this process, it is checked that there are no possible inflammations and complications that may affect the process.

Postoperative of a hair graft

Steps after a hair transplant

In addition to the 24-hour cure in a hair graft, there are other steps that are important to follow after the intervention and that have to do with the reviews that are made in Hospital Capilar after we have had a hair transplant:

24-hour cure in a hair graft

As we said, in the 24-hour cure in a hair graft, the cure and the first wash are carried out, teaching the patient how to act in the following days.

10 days after hair transplant

Ten days after the intervention, a wash is carried out in our centers to remove any scabs that may remain. In addition, a maintenance treatment is performed to help our entire scalp in general.

Six months after hair grafting

Six months after the intervention, a review is made to see if the hair is progressing properly. Remember that at this point the results are around 50%, so there is still time to get to the final result.

One year after the hair graft

After a year the frontal zone has already reached 100%. At this time we will see the final result of our hair graft, so we must go to check that the patient's expectations have been fully met.

18 months after hair transplantation

In the case of having undergone a crown graft, we have to know that the final results take longer. At around 18 months we will have the final result of the crown, so between 14 and 18 months we will have to go to the check-up to check that it has evolved correctly.

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