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November 3th 2021

4 steps to plucking the eyebrows correctly

Waxing is key to showing off perfect eyebrows. Depending on the shape and amount of hair in the area, we will wax them more or less frequently. The important thing in this process is to know how to pluck the eyebrows correctly to obtain the results we want without excessively damaging the area. You know how to do it? We will tell you!

How to pluck the eyebrows correctly?

Currently we can fix our eyebrows with various waxing techniques. The most common are wax and, above all, tweezers. Therefore, below we will tell you what are the 4 steps to plucking the eyebrows correctly using these two methods.

As with hair, eyebrows may fall. According to our doctors, one of the reasons that can cause this loss of facial hair is excessive and incorrect hair removal. Therefore, it is important to know the steps so that hair removal is not so aggressive.

Pluck the eyebrows after washing them

To make waxing easier, we recommend plucking your eyebrows after washing or showering. When we wash them, eyebrow hair softens slightly and costs less to pluck.

To achieve the shape of the eyebrows that we want and, above all, to ensure that they are symmetrical is important delimit the area to be waxed. In this way we will have a guide to give the perfect shape to the eyebrows.

Mark the limits of the eyebrows

To draw the guide you can use eyebrow or eye pencils, since it is much easier then to erase it. When we have the marked points of both eyebrows, it is time to pluck them respecting the line. This makes it much easier to obtain symmetrical eyebrows.

Epilates away from the hair

Plucking the eyebrows is not a pleasant thing and for many it is even painful. One of the tricks so that the moment of the pull is not so traumatic is to pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth at a relatively steep angle. But we can only put this into practice when we wax the eyebrows. 

In the case of the tweezers, it is not advisable to pull in the opposite direction to the hair. On the contrary, we will have to pull as we normally do, stretching the eyelid with the help of our fingers. By keeping the eyelid skin taut, we will notice less discomfort and hair removal will be much better. 

Moisturize the area

One of the steps that we skip most often is hydration. The truth is that it is highly recommended to apply a specific acid moisturizer for eyebrows after plucking them. By adding this step to the hair removal process, we ensure that the skin in the area is in better condition, avoiding possible irritations.

Eyebrow graft: the ultimate solution to lack of density

With waxing we can obtain the shape of the eyebrows that we want, however there are many men and women who, for various reasons, lack sufficient hair density to show off the perfect eyebrows. Eyebrow makeup, as well as microblading, are presented as temporary solutions to this problem but, Is it possible to recover eyebrow hair?

The answer is yes. Thanks to eyebrow graft it is possible to regain expressiveness in the gaze.

The eyebrow implant consists of a minimally invasive outpatient intervention in which the follicular units are extracted from the lower area of ​​the neck to implant them in the hairless areas of the eyebrows, always respecting the previous design. In this way, hair grows back where it no longer did, so the results obtained are much more natural.

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