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May 6th 2024

Does plucking the eyebrows cause alopecia?

They give expressiveness to the face and provide facial harmony, and it is mainly for this reason that we try to make them look perfect at all times. Eyebrow makeup, microblading, waxing... there are several techniques that we can use to take care of them, although the most used to match them is, without a doubt, waxing. To what extent can waxing damage the eyebrows? Does plucking the eyebrows cause alopecia?

In the blog de Hospital Capilar, experts in hair health, we tell you to what extent plucking your eyebrows causes alopecia. Next!

Is it true that plucking the eyebrows causes alopecia?

Si we pluck the eyebrows correctly With a good technique, hair removal does not have to be the origin of alopecia in the eyebrows. However, it is common that, if we pluck our eyebrows excessively for years, the hair follicles of the eyebrows are damaged and hair does not grow back in those areas, causing bald spots on the eyebrows.

Alopecia in the eyebrows due to excessive waxing is common in women and men who, due to having very fine eyebrows, wax them abusively and recurrently. With the passage of time, the hair follicles weaken and, when this happens, the hair no longer grows back.

Therefore, yes it is true that plucking the eyebrows causes alopecia, but if it is done properly and without abuse, follicular damage can be avoided.

Other causes of alopecia in the eyebrows

Although plucking the eyebrows causes alopecia and is usually the most common cause of hair loss, the appearance of bald spots on the eyebrows can also occur for other reasons.

alopecia areata

The development of a alopecia areataIn addition to affecting the hair, it can also cause hairlessness in the eyebrows and beard. It is a type of alopecia of autoimmune origin, that is, it is the patient's own immune system that attacks the hair follicles.


A trauma or burn to the eyebrows that is accompanied by a scar means irreversible hair loss in the affected area.


compulsive disorder known as trichotillomania it can also be associated with the development of alopecia in the eyebrows. In this case, something similar occurs in cases in which plucking the eyebrows causes alopecia, the person with trichotillomania compulsively pulls out the hair, causing, over time, the destruction of the hair follicles.

Fibrosing frontal alopecia

La fibrosing frontal alopecia It causes hair loss mainly at the hairline, as well as on the sides. However, in some cases it also affects the eyebrows, causing bald spots and a lack of density.

Eyebrow graft: the solution to the lack of hair on the eyebrows

As we have commented previously, it is true that plucking the eyebrows causes alopecia. When there is follicular damage, the hair does not grow back naturally. In these cases, the only way to see ourselves with hair again and to recover density in the eyebrows is through eyebrow graft.

There are hair simulation techniques with ink such as microblading, but the only method to recover hair is with eyebrow transplantation. It is a minimally invasive intervention that is performed on an outpatient basis. It consists of the extraction of hair follicles from the lower neck area and they are implanted in the eyebrows according to the design chosen by the patient.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. eyebrow implant results They are given definitively one year after surgery. However, after 6 months you can already see the first changes. To achieve optimal results, in addition to the implant, PRP on the eyebrows. Through the infiltration of factors rich in growth in the eyebrows, a better regeneration of the tissues is achieved, promoting healing and improving the quality of the hair in the area.

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