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November 30th 2021

Threading your eyebrows: is it harmful?

It is undeniable that the eyebrows are the key element that gives expressiveness to the face and, for this reason, we take care of them and pluck them to look perfect at all times. Nowadays we can get rid of those uncomfortable hairs in several ways: tweezers, wax or the innovative technique of the thread. More and more men and women are opting for the latter, but, Is plucking your eyebrows harmful? We give you all the information below!

What is eyebrow threading?

It is enough to take a walk through shopping areas to appreciate establishments where they offer this eyebrow waxing service. It is a technique that requires great precision, as well as impeccable hygiene measures.

The eyebrow waxing with thread consists of twisting two braided antibacterial cotton threads on the index and thumb fingers of both hands and moving them back and forth over the hair to be plucked. With precise and fast movements, the hair is caught in the strands and are uprooted. It is a fast and apparently simple technique, but certain sanitary measures are required, so it is advisable to go to a specialized center that meets all the requirements to avoid possible complications.

What are the benefits of threading?

Those who decide to pluck their eyebrows with thread do so because of the advantages of opting for this method over others. Here are some of the benefits of threading.

Greater precision

You could say that of all the other hair removal methods, plucking your eyebrows with thread is the most accurate of all. It allows you to select which hair to extract and which not, which is much more comfortable to give the desired shape to the eyebrows.

Avoid skin irritation

This type of hair removal, if done correctly, does not harm the skin in the area. Unlike waxing or tweezing, which is somewhat more rough, plucking the eyebrows minimizes any skin irritation in the brow area.

Longer lasting results

By pulling facial hair from the roots, the hair will take longer to grow than if we cut it. Therefore, the results are more durable than with other hair removal techniques. 

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Is it harmful to pluck your eyebrows with thread?

After knowing what it consists of and what are the main advantages of threading, it is time to ask ourselves if this technique can pose any risk to our eyebrows.

Like any other hair removal technique, plucking your eyebrows carries a number of risks but in no case is it harmful to the eyebrows or may pose a health risk. What is important to bear in mind is that you have to go to a specialized center that puts this method into practice with all the safety and hygiene measures.

Disadvantages of plucking the eyebrows with thread

As we have commented, it does not pose any health risk as such, but certain inconveniences can be considered to take into account. We tell you!

Development of folliculitis

In cases where basic sanitary standards are not met, the risk of contracting an infection is high. If the technique is not developed properly we can develop a folliculitis.

Our doctors They indicate that by leaving the pore open, it facilitates the entry of microorganisms that can be harmful to our skin. In this sense, folliculitis in the eyebrows shows up as small pimples in the area. This is an infection that must be treated, since if it becomes severe you can lose eyebrow hair permanently.

Damage to the skin

Again, if this technique is not performed by experienced professionals, we can suffer damage to the skin, mainly irritation, swelling, and redness of the area.

Can't be done at home

Another disadvantage of plucking the eyebrows with thread is that we cannot do it from home. Just as we make sure pluck our eyebrows correctly When we use wax or tweezers, to properly perform the thread technique it is essential that it be carried out by a professional. Therefore, we must go to an expert center in this method.

Eyebrow grafting, the solution to the lack of density

Excessive waxing, among other factors, can cause a lack of permanent hair on the eyebrows. In this sense, the only way to regain that hair is with the eyebrow graft.

The eyebrow graft is a minimally invasive outpatient surgery in which the necessary follicular units are extracted from the lower area of ​​the neck to later implant them in the area to be treated. The implantation is carried out respecting the design requested by the patient.

Thus, the person returns to have the hair they lost, regaining expressiveness in their eyes.

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Your eyebrow graft in Hospital Capilar

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