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Differences between the CRT and the HRT: What is each one for?

Within the services of Hospital Capilar You can find hair treatments that help the hair in one way or another, but what differences can be found between CRT and HRT?

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about these hair treatments and why they are an option to take into account when it comes to taking care of the health of our hair.

Differences between CRT and HRT

En Hospital Capilar We have two types of hair treatments: Capillary Regeneration Treatment y Hair Redensification Treatment; but, what differences between the CRT and the HRT are there?

Next, we will tell you what each of these treatments consist of and the differences that you can see between them. Do not miss it!

What is the Capillary Regeneration Treatment (CRT)?

The CRT or Capillary Regeneration Treatment consists of a hair maintenance treatment that extracts the patient's own blood and then centrifuges it and removes the part rich in growth factors.

Then it is this platelet-rich part that is injected into the patient's scalp to achieve the expected effect on our hair.

But what effects and benefits does CRT have on the scalp? basically acts as a vascularizer, increasing blood flow in the area to be treated. This greater vascularization improves hair growth and encourages the hair that, for one reason or another, has trouble growing, to obtain the necessary nutrients to achieve it. 

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

What is the Hair Redensification Treatment (HRT)?

Instead, Hair Redensification Treatment or HRT is about adapted pharmacomesotherapy microinjections. This treatment is also injected into the scalp and promotes its growth, but above all it helps the thickness of our own hair shaft, since it controls hormonal action.

Therefore, it can be said that the differences between CRT and HRT can be found mainly in the effects that each one produces on the hair. While CRT stimulates the hair bulb and vascularization making hair thicker HRT inhibits hormonal action that causes hair loss and nourishes it.

Taking this into account, it must be a specialist who determines which hair treatment is the most appropriate based on our particular case. For this reason, we offer a capillary diagnosis at no cost where our medical team analyzes what each patient needs in a personalized way.

The importance of hair treatments

Hair treatments are essential allies for good hair health. For that reason, its use is recommended both for cases where a hair graft as well as for those people who, after surgery, want to take care of their native hair and prevent the advancement of alopecia.

We must take care of our hair in all its aspects and in a personalized way, taking into account what our hair is like. For that reason, going to hair specialists who can analyze our case and tell us what is most recommended to keep it in its best possible condition is something that we must take into account if we want to look and take care of our hair and scalp completely.

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Put yourself in the hands of an expert medical team

Opting for a hair treatment or another depends exclusively on the criteria of a medical team based on the particular needs of the patient. For this reason in Hospital Capilar the first diagnosis is completely free. Request it and take care of your hair with the best professionals.



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