Ways to design the front line in a hair graft

How is the front line designed in a hair implant?

The hair implant with the FUE technique is the most demanded method to recover lost hair due to the natural results it offers. One of the keys to obtaining an excellent aesthetic result is the phase of the design of the frontal line since it is the most visible part. Next we tell you how the hairline is designed in a hair implant and why it is so important.

En Hospital Capilar, a network of clinics dedicated exclusively to hair medicine based in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we give you the keys that the hair transplant doctors team take into account to design the front line.

Aspects to take into account in the design of the frontal line in a capillary graft

Many men and women who opt for hair transplants often worry about how their first hairline, or frontal hairline, will look. This is common, since that first line of hair is the first thing that is appreciated and, therefore, the most striking on an aesthetic level.

The surgeon responsible for the hair implant is in charge of designing the first hairline. In order to achieve a good aesthetic result, the doctor takes into account a series of factors when he designs the frontal line in a hair implant.

Patient expectations

En Hospital Capilar The satisfaction of each of our patients is our priority. This is why we take into account the expectations and preferences of the patient regarding the results that he expects from his hair transplant. Based on this, the front line is designed in a hair implant, as long as certain medical requirements are met. 

The importance of diagnosis

Patient Physiognomy

The physiognomy and cranial structure of the patient is decisive when designing the first hairline. The surgeon takes into account a series of fundamental aspects to proceed to draw the line.

One of the most important is the frontal muscle. Our medical equipment establishes that hair cannot be implanted in the patient's frontal muscle in any case. It is for this reason that the patient must raise the eyebrows during the design, since in this way the medical team detects and indicates where the muscle is located. From it, the first hairline cannot be lowered further.

Previous hair diagnosis

Another key that is taken into account when designing the front line in a hair implant is the previous capillary diagnosis. Specifically, in the number of follicular units that can be extracted from the recipient area to cover the donor area affected by alopecia.

If the extraction of a greater number of follicular units is possible, the frontal hairline could be lowered further, if this is considered by the medical team.

Naturalness of the front line design   

The search for the naturalness of the front line is something basic. For this, symmetry is sought in the design phase. However, when the incisions are made, certain irregularities are sought so that the results are highly natural, since no person has a totally linear and symmetrical first line.

Depending on the physiognomy of the patient, particular characteristics and expectations, we can find different front line type.

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