Capillary Regeneration Treatment after hair transplant
June 15th, 2023

does he hurt Capillary Regeneration Treatment?

On certain occasions it is necessary to resort to medical hair treatments to treat certain hair problems, since only specific products are not valid. Unusual hair loss or loss of density are usually the most common symptoms that prompt us to go to a specialized hair clinic. One of these most demanded treatments is our Capillary Regeneration Treatment, or CRT. Through microinjections in the scalp, multiple benefits are achieved for hair health, but does it hurt? Capillary Regeneration Treatment?

One of the issues that usually worries those who decide to put themselves in the hands of the medical team of Hospital Capilar is whether the treatment in question is painful. Next we tell you how much it hurts Capillary Regeneration Treatment.

What is the Capillary Regeneration Treatment?

The CRT is an increasingly demanded solution among our patients to revitalize hair and stop its loss.

It consists of extracting blood from the patient in our treatment rooms, which is subjected to a centrifugation process, thus separating the platelet cells from the rest of the blood components. It is in these platelets that the rich growth factors, so it is these platelets that are injected directly into the scalp.

With this simple and minimally invasive treatment, several benefits are achieved for our hair health, contributing to the proper functioning of the hair follicles.

Promotes hair regeneration

El Capillary Regeneration Treatment Promotes hair regeneration thanks to the platelet-rich plasma that is applied directly to the scalp. Thus, the hair grows healthier and of better quality.

Stops hair loss

This non-surgical treatment is also aimed at stopping hair loss by Stress, seasonal or due to covid19. In cases of alopecia, it serves as a complement to other treatments or drugs. It is even highly recommended in patients with a hair transplant, accelerating the healing process and promoting the growth of new hair.

Improves hair quality

In general, CRT improves hair quality without the need for drugs, since it is from the patient's own blood that these rich growth factors are extracted. In addition to stopping hair loss and contributing to hair regeneration, it improves the general condition of the hair, making it visibly healthier.

Does CRT treatment hurt?

One of the questions that our patients usually ask most frequently is if the Capillary Regeneration Treatment. This is somewhat subjective, since It will depend on the pain threshold of each patient.. Yes it is true that in Hospital Capilar we use subdermal microinjections to minimize the pain, but there is no denying that it tends to be a bit annoying. Scalp injections, in general and regardless of the treatment, tend to cause some pain at the time of application, but once the treatment is finished, the patient returns home normally and without any discomfort.

It should be noted that this hair treatment is not long-lasting, so the possible discomfort it may cause is short-lived.  

Capillary analysis

Your doubts resolved in Hospital Capilar

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