Does a hair graft hurt?

Does a hair graft hurt?

One of the main concerns that our patients have is if a hair graft hurts or what it feels like during the surgery. For this reason, below we tell you the reality of a hair transplant in terms of possible discomfort.

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Is hair implant surgery painful?

We must not forget that the capillary implant is an outpatient surgery that, although it is not very invasive, requires entry to the operating room. This itself can cause some uncertainty, so we will tell you what you will feel during the intervention and if it is true that a hair graft hurts.

The truth is that a hair transplant is not a painful procedure in any case. Of course, it is necessary to apply local anesthesia at various points on the head to numb the scalp and this is what usually bothers patients the most. Therefore, the only time when it is true that we can feel pain is when the medical team injects the anesthetic, but once this phase is over, we will not feel any kind of discomfort at all.

Preanesthesia: what does it consist of?

En Hospital Capilar We know that when a capillary graft hurts, it is at the time of anesthesia injections. Therefore, we make available to our patients a pre-anesthesia service.

Preanesthesia consists of an instrument through which lidocaine is applied through kinetic impulses, without injecting. It is used several times around the head, fixing the points where the local anesthetic will later be injected. Thus we managed to reduce the pain of applying the anesthesia itself considerably.

Therefore, if what worries us is whether a capillary graft hurts, preanesthesia will be a good ally to reduce the only discomfort that we may feel during surgery. 

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Is the postoperative period of a hair transplant uncomfortable?

Once the hair transplant surgery is finished, a crucial process begins that we must follow correctly to achieve excellent aesthetic results: the postoperative of a capillary implant.

During this recovery process we must comply with all the instructions provided by the medical team. We must also take into account that it is normal to feel some discomfort in the postoperative period, especially the first week after the intervention. The most frequent symptoms are itching and burning, especially in the graft area.

To avoid complications and reduce possible discomfort, a series of rules must be followed.

Go to clinic cures

Especially the 24 hour cure and of the ten days it is essential that our expert staff perform them in the clinic. This is due to the fact that during the first period after the capillary implant, the scabs, which we should not manipulate or start in any case. Our team will be the one to remove them little by little.

It is also necessary to go to cures to control the evolution of the capillary graft. In this way, the medical team will be able to determine how to act in each particular case.

Take the medication provided by the doctors

During the days after the hair transplant we must take the medication prescribed by the medical team. In this way we will avoid possible infections that could put the survival of the grafts at risk.

Apply thermal spray

It is important that the recipient area is hydrated at all times to favor the correct evolution and recovery of the grafts. For this we must use the thermal spray approximately every two hours, or at intervals of half an hour in cases of itching or stinging.

wash hair carefully

Another key to avoiding infections is the hygiene of the area. It is essential to wash the scalp well, always following the instructions of the medical team since the area of ​​the grafts cannot be washed as we are used to.

In this sense, know how to wash hair after hair transplant It is essential, among other recommendations for a good postoperative period.

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