Doctor Francisco Pilo performing a capillary mesotherapy treatment
June 15th, 2023

Does hair mesotherapy hurt?

More and more people are opting for medical hair treatments to take care of their hair in depth, especially in cases of hair loss. Among the most demanded is the one known as capillary mesotherapy. What does this method consist of? Does hair mesotherapy hurt? In which cases is it recommended?

En Hospital Capilar We are a capillary clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, experts in medicine and capillary surgery, where we carry out this type of treatment daily. medical hair treatments. Below in our blog capillary we tell you to what extent capillary mesotherapy hurts, as well as everything you need to know about the effectiveness of this technique.

What does hair mesotherapy consist of?

Capillary mesotherapy requires a specialist doctor since it is a medical technique that consists of subdermal infiltration of the scalp by injections. It is precisely for this reason that many patients wonder if capillary mesotherapy hurts.

What infiltrates the scalp is a cocktail of vitamins and drugs adapted to each patient, aimed, above all, at stopping hair loss and improving its quality. This treatment requires a medical diagnosis and an analysis of the person for the medical team to determine its viability.

Does hair mesotherapy hurt?

Just as we wonder if it is painful Capillary Regeneration Treatment, another hair treatment that promotes hair regeneration and growth, it is very common to question whether hair mesotherapy hurts.

The reality is that capillary mesotherapy, as we have previously mentioned, requires subdermal injection into the scalp. This causes some discomfort, but the intensity of the possible pain will depend on several factors.

The first aspect with which to determine if capillary mesotherapy hurts is, precisely, the patient's pain threshold. There are people who do not feel noticeable discomfort, however, others do say they experience discomfort. In any case, it will depend on each one.

Another factor that can determine whether capillary mesotherapy hurts or not is the skill of the doctor who practices it. It is a technique that requires practice and precision, so finding a good medical equipment It is essential to avoid possible discomfort and, above all, to achieve aesthetic results that meet expectations.

In which cases is hair mesotherapy effective?

Applying subdermal injections of vitamins and drugs from time to time is beneficial for the health of the scalp and, consequently, of the hair. But, what are the main cases in which it is highly recommended to resort to this type of medical hair treatment? We tell you!

Hair loss due to alopecia

According to rate of alopecia in Spain, a high percentage of the population suffers from baldness. The most common type of alopecia is androgenic alopecia. This is of hormonal and genetic origin, and can affect both men and women, causing irreversible hair loss. However, it has a solution.

Hair mesotherapy in cases of alopecia is one of the most effective treatments to stop hair loss, since androgenic inhibitors are used to treat the hormonal imbalance that causes the destruction of hair follicles.

Thin hair

In cases of hair miniaturization or when you have fine hair, capillary mesotherapy is a good ally that helps to recover thickness. This is thanks to the cocktail of vitamins that are injected into the scalp, as they “feed” the hair follicle, strengthening and thickening it.

Lack of hair quality 

The arrival of certain seasons such as autumn, in times of much Stress or after passing covid19 we can notice that the hair has lost quality. Lack of shine, loss of density or fall are some of the symptoms that we can solve with capillary mesotherapy if indicated by the specialist doctor.

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