Two sanitarians performing the extraction of follicles in a beard graft
June 13th, 2023

Beard graft side effects

The lack of density in the beard is a problem that affects many men today. The impossibility of developing it completely or even the appearance of bald spots in the beard can be the origin of even a lack of self-esteem. For this reason, many people decide to opt for a beard implant and thus achieve the design and density they desire. The possible side effects of beard grafting is one of the issues that tends to worry us when we are learning about this method. Is it true that the beard implant has side effects?

In the blog de Hospital Capilar, an expert clinic in beard grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you everything you need to know about the possible side effects of beard grafting.

Does the beard graft have side effects?

Beard transplantation is currently the only technique through which it is possible to have hair in those areas where it does not grow naturally. The results of the beard implant are long-lasting and natural, and are definitively given after the first year after the intervention. It is presented as the ideal method for those men with bald beard o lack of density.

It is a safe outpatient surgical intervention, which requires an expert medical team to carry it out. But, can you have side effects of beard grafting?

The truth is that in the long term the beard implant does not have side effects as such, but during the postoperative period the patient may experience certain non-serious and easily treatable symptoms, which are even normal.

Possible infection in the beard

The first of what could be considered side effects of beard grafting is the possibility of contracting infections in the operated area. Beard transplantation requires the surgeon to make incisions in the beard, into which the follicles previously extracted from the lower neck area or donor area are implanted. Both in the beard and in that donor area you can contract infections such as folliculitis.

In these cases, the medical team will instruct you how to proceed, but normally and if treated on time it does not pose a risk to the final result of the beard graft. In addition, during the first days after surgery, it is common for doctors to recommend the use of antibiotics to avoid contracting this type of infection.

beard scabs

As they appear scabs on a hair graft, during the recovery of a beard implant scabs appear. This occurs due to the healing process itself and is completely normal.. These will gradually come off with the washings and cures in the clinic, and in no case should they be pulled out or handled aggressively, since we could seriously compromise the final result of the beard transplant.


Inflammation, especially in the area where the follicles have been implanted, is common, so it could be considered another of the side effects of a beard graft. This symptom is temporary and will disappear after the first few days after surgery..

itching and stinging

The most characteristic symptom in the first days after the beard graft is itching and stinging of the intervened areas. This will disappear as the days pass after surgery. 

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The importance of the postoperative period of a beard implant

The possible side effects of a beard graft fall under the recovery process from the surgery. Following a correct postoperative period complying with all medical indications is essential to minimize these possible side effects of beard grafting and achieve an aesthetic result that meets expectations.

Go to cures and medical check-ups

It is important to go to the cures with the health team in the clinic. En Hospital Capilar We carry out cures and washes 24 hours and 10 days. In addition, medical check-ups are equally important, since the medical team will evaluate the state of the beard.

Do not manipulate the grafts

Not manipulating the grafts or pulling them out is essential. Otherwise, the final result would be seriously compromised, even preventing hair growth in the transplanted area.

Keep your beard hydrated and clean

The healthcare team Hospital Capilar It provides you with the instructions so that you can wash and care after the beard implant at home and safely. It is important to keep both the donor area and the beard clean and hydrated using the thermal spray.

not do sports

During the first month after the beard graft, you cannot practice sports, since excessive sweating seriously compromises the health of the grafts. If it is mild and does not involve sweating, it can be resumed after 15 days.

Avoid sun exposure

Sun exposure must be avoided during the first month, as it can leave dark spots in the graft area and even burn the skin in the area.

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