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Everything you need to know about hair aging

With the passage of time, not only our skin ages, hair also suffers the effects of aging And on many occasions, if we do not give it the care it needs, it can suffer them prematurely.

In this article we tell you everything you need to know about hair aging and how to avoid it or slow its progress.

What is hair aging?

As we get older our hair begins to lose faculties and its aging It can be manifested by the loss of density, thickness and volume. It can also stop growing at the rate it did years ago and become finer every time.

It usually begins to show the first signs between the 30s and 40s.

Factors that cause hair aging

Factors that cause it

There are some clear factors that can cause this aging of our hair.


The main factor that denotes hair aging is age, Since over time cell regeneration decreases, as well as the blood circulation of the scalp decreases. This causes the hair to become finer and brittle.

Hormonal disorders

Hormonal changes that occur in menopause can cause great thinning of the hair, as well as its fall. 


Stress, a busy lifestyle, poor diet, and unkempt hair they can have a very negative influence on hair aging. 

Other external factors

Excessive sun or other factors such as pollution can harm our hair health. 

Factors that cause hair aging

Symptoms of hair aging

Gray hair is not the only proof that hair is aging, there are other symptoms that denote this hair change. 


Hair thinning can cause further fall of the same and breakage, as the tips become more brittle and split.

Loss of volume and density

The hair becomes finer and in this way the mane loses density.


With age and due to the continued use of dyes and discolorations, hair tends to become drier, which can lead to its breakage.

Less shine

With age our hair loses shine, which makes it look much duller.

More pronounced hair loss

It is very likely that with age the hair begins to fall out more than normal, denoting a notable lack of density and volume when compared to how our hair was in the past.

Avoid hair aging

Avoid hair aging

A proper hair routine can greatly help us regain the health of our hair and restore its vitality.

Use of hair masks

In our hair routine we must not only include the shampoo, it is necessary to also use moisturizing products such as face masks and use them at least a couple of times a week. 

Brush your hair every day

To stimulate blood circulation and remove dead hair, it is necessary to brush the hair once a day.

Hair protectors, your great allies

If we use a thermal protector before drying our hair with a dryer or using the irons, we can avoid much of the damage that these devices cause in our hair. 

Hair massages can help

If we perform a hair massage at least once a week before washing our hair, we can stimulate microcirculation and we enhance any treatment that we are performing. 

Prevent hair aging with Hospital Capilar

Hair treatments

En Hospital Capilar we have various treatments that can help us improve the health of our hair and prevent or slow down hair aging.

El PRP, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma, consists of a maintenance treatment that helps hair regrowth, strengthening it and preventing miniaturization.

Moreover, the HRT o Hair Redensification Treatment, It is a series of pharmacotherapy microinfiltrations that helps to stop hair loss, prevents miniaturization and improves its condition. 

In addition, our team will be able to recommend other treatments that may be recommended for each specific case.

Receiving Hospital Capilar Madrid

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Are you thinking of having a hair graft? In Hospital Capilar We will be happy to give you all the information about this type of intervention and to see your case in a personalized way.



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